7 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. In the US alone, an estimated 100 million coffee drinkers consume this healthy beverage on a daily basis. Statistics show that 500 billion cups of coffee are drank every year due to its relaxing aroma and energy boosting properties. But in the early times, coffee was not preferred by many people because they thought it gave various health conditions. Over the years, proper scientific studies showed the numerous health benefits of drinking coffee due to its antioxidant properties.

Coffee beans come from various types of plant, Coffee Arabica being the most commonly used for coffee production. Fresh beans are recommended when making coffee granules to ensure high quality taste and maximize the numerous health benefits. These valuable beans contain organic compounds such as a range of B-family vitamins, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and niacin, magnesium, manganese, and so much more. Below are seven health benefits which make coffee an in demand drink all over the world.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

1. Improves Cognitive Health

When feeling sluggish and fatigued, a cup of coffee will instantly boost energy and allow you to focus on tasks ahead. Aside from stimulating the brain, coffee has been proven to improve cognitive health and slow down brain degradation as you get older. A cup daily will result to better memory, sharper focus, and an overall improvement in brain functions. In addition, this amazing drink can also prevent Alzheimer’s diseases and dementia.

An important factor to consider especially for very young and old drinkers is that excessive amount of coffee can also cause drawbacks including insomnia, restless and mental crash.

2. Prevents Diabetes

Instead of soda and sugary drinks, coffee is the recommended drink for people suffering from diabetes. Recent studies show that regular coffee drinkers are less likely to develop diabetes. Scientists believe that the energy boosting properties of coffee, as well as its ability to suppress appetite, help reduce the risks of developing diabetes.

To further prevent diabetes, drinking a cup of black coffee without sugar is highly recommended. If you can’t resist your sweet tooth, sweeteners with less sugar content must be used.

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3. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Too much coffee can put stress on cardiovascular health, thus providing more negative health effects than good. However, when right amount is consumed on a daily basis, benefits of drinking coffee can minimize the risks of heart attack and stroke. Although it can increase blood pressure level, which is most of the time just a temporary effect that normalizes within a few minutes, coffee ensures that your cardiovascular system is working on the highest level.

4. Helps in Losing Weight

One of the instant effects of coffee is activity promotion, which means burning calories and fats to effectively lose weight. A cup of coffee during breakfast provides the energy you need for the whole day depending on the level of activities. While you spend this energy for daily tasks, calories are burnt faster, thus keeping those unwanted pounds at bay. Furthermore, coffee’s appetite suppressant properties effectively control your food cravings and help you stick with your weight loss diet. .

For people desiring to shed more weight effectively, a cup if coffee with a heavy but healthy breakfast is recommended before going to work or tacking daily tasks. In the afternoon, a small cup partnered with fruits or vegetables eaten as a snack is strongly advised.

5. Liver Protection

The various benefits of coffee to liver function were only studied recently. Various tests reveal that the antioxidant properties of coffee help clean the liver and prevent liver related medical conditions including cirrhosis, hepatitis, and fatty liver disease. The study also revealed that daily coffee drinking minimizes the risk of developing cirrhosis by as much as 80%. .

For alcohol drinkers, coffee is a healthy option to repair and restore proper liver functions.

6. Suppresses Depression

Depression is a common issue especially for younger generations. Coffee is effective in fighting depression and suicidal tendencies. Although coffee’s natural effect is to energize the body and improve mental health, consuming excessive amounts can develop into unstable mood swings and anxiety. To avoid increasing risk of depression, coffee consumption of young people susceptible to depression and other mental conditions must be properly guided.

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7. Benefits of Drinking Coffee as Energy Booster

Coffee is the perfect drink for people on the go and athletes in training sessions. Aside from artificial energy supplements, coffee is regularly consumed by gym rats who want to get added energy to successfully finish their workout routine. Caffeine, which is coffee’s primary energy boosting substance, is easily absorbed by the body and provides instant mental and physical power. In addition, coffee also helps in relaxing the mind and body after tiring and stressful activities and physical trainings. .

One of the benefits of drinking coffee before workout will not only provide the much needed energy, but also helps in repairing damaged muscles and tissues after putting stress on them.

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