8 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

The recommended daily water consumption for humans is about 8 to 12 glasses, which is why it is a vital part of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although drinking cold water also gives various benefits, consuming warm water provides added health benefits that minimize the risk of developing several sickness and health conditions.

70 percent of the human body is made up of water, which is why a person will not survive without water within a maximum of one week. Similar to earth (of which 75 percent is made up of water), a major part of a human body’s function and survival depends on water.

Below are 8 reasons why drinking warm water is beneficial to your health and fitness

1. Improves Digestion

For many people, a cup of hot coffee or tea is the best way to wake up and energize the body after a long sleep. However, studies reveal that drinking warm water before consuming any food for breakfast is more effective than taking caffeine. Furthermore,it cleans the digestive system, thus promoting digestion. Drinking this in the morning also enables the body to dissimilate and digest food in a quicker manner compared to drinking cold water. With cold water, the body takes more time to digest because it still has to exert more energy on making the water warm enough for digestion.

2. Detox

If you are looking for a simple but effective way to get rid of body toxins, drinking warm water instead of cold is the perfect solution. This effectively flushes out toxins all over the body especially on the walls of the digestive organs. If you want additional detox power, add a few drops of lemon, honey or a few slices of cucumber. Furthermore,

3. Promotes Younger Looking Skin

To get more beautiful and softer skin without using chemical based cosmetics, drink 8 glasses of warm water daily. Aside from getting rid of toxins that also develop premature aging, water when still warm increases the repair rate of damaged skin cells, which results to an overall younger looking skin. Moreover, it improves skin elasticity and decreases the development of dull and dry skin.

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Warm water can also be used when washing the face to unclog and remove bacteria and dirt hidden in skin pores. In addition, this water can act as a mild moisturizer to avoid skin dryness.

4. Cough Remedy

Common cough can be cured by regularly drinking warm water, which has no side effects compared to many over the counter cough syrups and tablets. Water, when taken warm also helps remove sticky phlegm. For other respiratory infections, warm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey is a cheaper but effective natural remedy. For itchy throat, gargling lukewarm water with a dash of salt is also an effective remedy that kills respiratory bacteria.

5. Increases Blood Circulation

Drinking warm water helps remove fat deposits which can block and slow down blood circulation. Warm water also improves the nervous system by flushing out accumulated substances that can impede the nervous system process.

6. Promotes Shiny and Healthy Hair

Aside from using shampoos and conditioners, drinking warm water is the best natural method to achieve softer and shiny looking hair. This water works by energizing the nerve endings of hair roots, thus promoting faster growth of healthier and softer hair.It also provides hydration to the scalp and prevents dandruff formation. Aside from drinking warm water, make sure to use warm water when cleaning your hair to get that silky smooth effect you have always wanted.

7. Provides Instant Hydration

Drinking warm water is also vital before, during and after tiring physical activities. When you sweat, fluids that the body needs to function properly are lost. Warm water quickly replenishes these liquids while providing instant hydration to all body organs. The result is more energy to successfully complete the activity and lesser probability of experiencing fatigue and dehydration.

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For people suffering from diarrhea and loose bowel movement, warm water is also an efficient way to replenish liquids lost.

8. Minimizes the effects of Arthritis

Arthritis comes in many types, but all gives pain and discomfort. Drinking warm water has been proven to provide relief from arthritis pain by relaxing and hydrating joints, muscles and bones. Aside from drinking, soaking the affected body part in water that is warm or using this as wipes are also alternatives in fighting arthritis pain.

To maximize the health benefits of drinking warm water, it is recommended for women to consume 90 ounces daily, while 125 ounces for men. This water must be consumed before and after exercising and during every meal. During summertime or hot days, warm water consumption must increase to cope up with excessive sweating and dehydration.

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Gii Santos

Gii is a full-time work at home mom to her 9 year old daughter and a new baby on the way. She is passionate about health and fitness and natural remedies for certain health conditions. She makes it a point to use eco-friendly products as a way to give back to the environment. Aside from mothering, her routine at home includes sewing, crafting, cooking, reading books, and designing.
Gii Santos
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