8 Reasons to Break Soda Habit

Soda, or commonly called soft drink, usually contains artificial flavor, carbonated water and loads of sweetener. The most commonly used sweetener is sugar, thus this drink is also known as “sugary soda”. Some people are having hard time to break soda habit.

Statistic shows that soda is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. In the United States alone, this sugary drink ranks first in front of water as the most sought after beverage. Although it enjoys worldwide popularity, the sad thing is many people are still unaware of the various negative effects it gives to our health.

8 Reasons to Break Soda Habit

Here are the perfect reasons why you should break soda habit.

1. Weight Gain

Some people may think that liquids do not play a major factor in weight gain. Unfortunately, liquids that contain massive amounts of sugar like soda must be avoided especially if you are planning to lose weight. Sodas contain high levels of fructose, which increases your urge to eat. Scientific studies revealed that sugary drinks that have large fructose content activate ghrelin, the hunger hormone, thus you tend to eat more than you should when you pair these dangerous drinks with your favorite meals.

Furthermore, sodas give your body unwanted and unhealthy sugary calories, which effectively contribute to uncontrollable weight gain. So the next time you are feeling thirsty, just think of the high levels of sugar calories you will punish your body with if you don’t break soda habit.

2. Promotes Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common health issues that affects millions of people worldwide. It is caused by high levels of sugar in the blood, which affects insulin deficiency or insulin resistance. When you make soda a part of your regular diet, chances of developing diabetes become extremely high. In addition, people already suffering from diabetes will experience more severe symptoms when soda is consumed regularly.

In a recent study, people who consumed 150 sugar calories, which is usually the amount contained in a single can of soda, increased the possibility of developing diabetes by 1.5 percent.

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3. No Nutritious Content At All

Do you ever wonder why the nutrition facts section in your favorite soda can does not list any minerals, vitamins or any essential nutrients? This is because it does not contain even the slightest bit! Aside from having no vital nutrients, drinking soda will just give you empty calories, which are extremely harmful to your body. To get a clearer picture, sodas are just liquefied sugar granules which you punish your body with each gulp.

4. Dangerous Addiction

The reason why soda drinkers find it hard to break this harmful habit is because soft drinks contain addictive properties. Every time you drink soda, an addictive substance called dopamine travels through the brain, which in effect gives you pleasure. This is the same addictive process involved in illegal drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamines. Scientific studies revealed that junk foods and drinks that contain loads of sugar increase the possibility of addiction for most people specially those who have predisposition to addiction.

5. Promotes Heart Conditions

Since the early part of the 1960’s, sugary drinks have already been linked to various forms of heart conditions. Since then, many studies have been conducted which all concluded that sweetened drinks increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, these studies revealed that people who drink at least 1 can of soda per day have higher chance of developing heart diseases and experience higher possibility of dying from a heart attack compared to those who stay away from sodas.

6. Promotes Cancer

Aside from diabetes and heart conditions, soda is also linked to the development of cancer. Studies showed that people, regardless of age and gender, who drink 1 to 2 cans of soft drinks on a daily basis experienced an 80% increase in developing pancreatic cancer. In addition, this sugary drink also promotes the possibility of recurring cancer.

7. Dental Disaster

Soda is loaded with phosphoric acid and carbonic acid, substances that lead to various dental issues such as tooth decay, chronic pain and enamel breakdown. Furthermore, these harmful substances make the mouth more acidic, thus exposing it to more bacterial formation. Studies also state that when high levels of sugar are left unclean inside the mouth, the possibility of developing bad breath increases. In the end, soda does not only make your mouth dry and smelly, it also slowly breaks down your teeth until decay forms.

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8. Increases Ageing Speed

Similar to smoking, regular consumption of soda will make you look older than your actual age. Recent studies revealed that the high levels of phosphoric acids in sugary drinks increase the rate of ageing. Aside from developing various conditions such as heart and kidney issues, soft drinks can gradually cause your skin to dry and age prematurely. If you want to slow your aging, then you must break soda habit.

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