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The Editorial Staff at HomeRemediesGuide.com is a team of Health aficionados led by Enrique Orioli.

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington is a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and writer specializing in the health and fitness niche. She uses her coaching experience to inform and inspire her creative content in addition to supporting her own efforts in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. She graduated from Marietta College with a degree in English and shares her passion for health and wellness by spreading knowledge about healthy eating, exercise, and natural remedies. She enjoys cooking, painting, and climbing and is a loving mother to a collection of pets.
Ravneet Kaur
A health aficionado herself, Ravneet has been researching and writing on emerging health and wellness issues for over a decade. With a focus on healthy living, she has been an ardent lover of nature who believes in holistic ways of healing. Her areas of expertise include women’s health, diet and weight management, healthy living, alternative healing, and mindful parenting. She is working with non-profits to spread awareness about healthy eating habits, fitness goals, and lifestyle disorders.
Ravneet also blogs at parentingguide.com and wellnessguide.com
Ravneet also blogs at...
Gii Santos
Gii is a full-time work at home mom to her 9 year old daughter and a new baby on the way. She is passionate about health and fitness and natural remedies for certain health conditions. She makes it a point to use eco-friendly products as a way to give back to the environment. Aside from mothering, her routine at home includes sewing, crafting, cooking, reading books, and designing.
Amit Mishra
Amit is a research writer by profession and a health freak by passion. He has been into health research and writing for more than 12 years and has worked closely with doctors, dieticians, psychiatrists, health scholars, and therapists on research assignments pertaining to various subjects related to health and wellness. As a health enthusiast, he has been spreading the word about healthy living in the community and social networks.
Amit also blogs at parentingguide.com and wellnessguide.com
Amit also blogs at...
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