Amazing Things Yoga Can Do To Your Overall Well-being

Yoga, which is defined as a collection of mental, physical and spiritual exercises, is a popular activity that originated from India. It focuses on the body’s natural way of healing both physically and spiritually to achieve better overall health. Among its many purposes include providing harmony, strength and awareness to both body and mind.

There are over 100 types of yoga disciplines, but the most common involve basic techniques such as breathing, meditation, stretching and flexing certain muscle groups. The relaxation effect that yoga provides makes it one of the most effective natural treatments for a wide range of health issues. Below are some of the many amazing health benefits attained when practicing yoga on a regular basis.

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1. Promotes Body Flexibility

Due to its various stretching and flexing techniques, yoga makes the body more flexible. As the muscles and joints of the body start to loosen, chronic pains and aches will also eventually disappear. Tight hamstring which can lead to back pains will once again be more flexible. Tight hips that can cause knee pain will become properly aligned, thus movement will be pain free. Aside from minimizing various muscle pains, yoga also promotes proper body posture.

2. Builds Muscle

Most of us have the wrong notion that only weightlifting can bulk up our body. It may seem unlikely, but it is a fact that yoga also effectively builds muscles through certain stretching techniques. Furthermore, strengthening your muscles through yoga also enables the body to improve flexibility and balance. When balance in the muscles is achieved, conditions such as arthritis and back pains will also be minimized.

3. Improves Blood Circulation

Aside from having stronger muscles, yoga effectively increases overall blood flow, which minimizes the risk of various health issues such as heart attacks and diabetes. The relaxation effect that yoga provides especially for techniques involving the hands and feet allow more oxygen intake of the cells. In addition, twisting techniques enable vital organ to get more oxygen and blood while releasing oxygenated blood. The result is these organs are able to maximize their functions, thus attaining better overall health.

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Yoga also promotes high level of red blood cells and hemoglobin, which are vital in avoiding heart attacks and strokes.

4. Yoga Promotes Healthier Lifestyle

Once yoga is started, the body and mind will naturally urge for a healthier lifestyle. Unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, smoking and late night sleeps will eventually go away. Improper diet of fatty and oily foods will soon be replaced with healthy alternatives such as vegetables and fruits.

5. Lessens Stress

Stress does not only attack emotionally, it can also be experienced in physical forms such as headaches, back pains, weight problems, inability to focus, drug problems, and lack of sleep. Aside from giving physical relaxation, yoga is highly valued for its ability to minimize mental stress while providing a more positive and healthier perspective in life.

Yoga’s breathing and meditation exercises promote a stress free life and improve a person’s overall mental state. Regular breathing techniques calm the mind and relieve the body from chronic pains and aches. Mediation techniques promote clearer and sharper focus, thus right way of thinking is attained.

6. Heals Amnesia

If you are one of the many people suffering from amnesia or simply can’t get enough sleep, yoga is the best natural cure. Throughout the day, numerous factors can negatively affect sleeping pattern such as stress and problems. Although stimulants are relatively good, too much of it can be harmful to the nervous system, which plays a major role in sleeping pattern.

Fortunately, there are a number of yoga disciplines that were made to specifically relax the nervous system after a busy and stressful day. Their function is to relax the innermost senses, thus eliminating stress and promoting deeper sleep.

7. Prevents Migraines and Headaches

Migraines commonly occur during and after being subjected to stressful environment or moments. Although migraine has no full scientific explanation, experts believe that it is a combination of mental stress and body misalignment. Improper postures such as when using your phone while the neck is improperly stretched also contribute a lot in developing migraine.

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Yoga’s ability to eliminate mental stress and practice the body to always be properly aligned makes it the best natural migraine treatment.

8. Helps Shed Weight

Obesity is a serious medical condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Yoga effectively helps fight obesity by minimizing cravings and urge to over eat especially with food items that contain loads of fat and cholesterol. Regular yoga sessions promote positive awareness on the physical and emotional sensation related to eating. In addition, yoga creates a more harmonious relationship between the mind and body, thus when cravings and urge to eat attack, you have full control on what and what not to consume.

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Gii is a full-time work at home mom to her 9 year old daughter and a new baby on the way. She is passionate about health and fitness and natural remedies for certain health conditions. She makes it a point to use eco-friendly products as a way to give back to the environment. Aside from mothering, her routine at home includes sewing, crafting, cooking, reading books, and designing.
Gii Santos
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