It is natural to get anxious in some situations. However, for some people, the everyday anxiety may turn into a chronic disorder, with symptoms becoming more frequent. This could indicate a psychiatric condition. Anxiety disorders comprise a group of mental illnesses, characterized by distress, worry, fear, and helplessness. If a state of anxiousness continues for a long time, it can adversely affect your quality of life.

Find effective home remedies for anxiety

Anxiety comes in several forms, from phobia to panic attacks. Too much worrying about everyday life can make you prone to anxiety attacks. If anxiety becomes chronic, it can trigger many health issues, such as heart ailments, psychological disorders, gastrointestinal issues, and respiratory problems.

Anxiety Causes

There are a range of factors, from genetics to environment, medical reasons, substance abuse, and mental health.

  • Environmental factors: Your environment may contribute to anxiety. This may include stress from a personal relationship, separation or divorce, loss of job, stress at work or school, failure in exam, financial problems, and tragedy or death of a loved one.
  • Medical illness: Your stress could be a cause of a serious underlying condition, such as lung disease, thyroid problems, heat stroke, or cardiovascular disorders. The lack of oxygen in high altitude regions may cause such symptoms as bloodclot in lung vessels or pulmonary embolism, which may trigger panic or anxiety attacks. Some women may develop anxiousness during pregnancy and the worries may trigger stress or panic attacks. They may develop a constant sense of worry about childbirth or risk to the life of their baby in the womb.
  • Personality factors: People with certain personality traits are prone to anxiety attacks. This may include people that are timid, shy, perfectionists, or those who lack self-esteem.
  • Substance/sexual abuse: If you have been abusing intoxicants or prescription drugs, you may suffer from anxiety symptoms, especially at the time of withdrawal. Verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse at any point in life may cause extreme stress for the victim, triggering jitters.

These are some of the most common causes that can trigger anxiety symptoms. Among others, if you have a family history of the disorder, you, too, may show such symptoms.

Types of Anxiety

An anxiety disorder may include:

  • Social anxiety disorder

If you are often overwhelmed by everyday social situations, then you are suffering from social anxiety disorder. You may be anxious about how others may judge you. Your biggest fear could be that of failure.

  • Panic disorder

In case of panic attack, you are likely to experience palpitation and chest pain. Apart from changes in the heartbeat, breathlessness cannot be ruled out. Sweating is another symptom you may have.

  • Specific phobia

There are people that have certain types of phobia. This may include the fear of heights, the fear of traveling long distances, or water phobia, among others.  The fear goes may force you to stay away from normal situations.

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety can affect your overall health. Some of the most common symptoms of anxiety may include:

  • Muscle tension, stiffness, or pain
  • Stiff neck
  • Sweating
  • Back pain
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Restlessness
  • Trembling
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular heartbeat/palpitations
  • Ongoing feelings of worry
  • Sleeping problems

8 Home Remedies for Anxiety

While conventional treatment for anxiety has short-term benefits, there are some home remedies that are safe to use and can have long-term benefits.

  1. Chamomile Tea

One cup of chamomile tea everyday might be the best anxiety remedy at home to calm you down. Chamomile tea comprises certain compounds that bind to the brain receptors and promote relaxation, thus having a calming effect on the mind. A study reveals that those who take chamomile supplements show significant improvement in their anxiety symptoms.

  1. Omega-3

If you have an iota of doubt about including omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, it is high time you started having these fatty acids every day. Research reveals that omega-3 may lower the levels of stress hormones, ease symptoms of anxiety, promote relaxation, and lift your mood. Walnuts and flax seeds are the best source of omega-3 for vegans, while non-vegetarians can source their omega-3 fatty acids from canned fatty fish.

  1. Sunbathe

Soak in the sun for 10-15 minutes every day. Wondering why? Well, sunbathing is one of the easiest ways to improve your vitamin D levels. Not only this, it can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Nothing comes for free in this world, but the best remedy for anxiety is available at no cost to your pocket. Sunbathing is a natural way to melt away your stress and boost your mood.

  1. Epsom Salt

Soak in Epsom salt water to calm your body and mind and relieve stress. A soothing hot bath with the goodness of Epsom salt, which is rich in magnesium sulfate, can help raise your body heat, lower blood pressure, and regulate mood. You might be surprised to experience how Epsom salt bath can work magic for stress. Lavender essential oil can have the same benefits.

  1. Kava

Did you know kava has non-hypnotic anxiolytic effects that can calm down the mind, ease anxiety, induce sleep, and improve mood? Research shows that the non-addictive kava root stimulates dopamine receptors in the brain and induces a feeling of euphoria. One study reveals that Kava can be used as a first-line remedy for generalized anxiety disorder.

  1. Vitamin B

Make B vitamins an integral part of your anxiety remedies. With adequate Vitamin B, you can combat stress, irritability, mood changes, fatigue, muscle pain. Vitamin B6 is popular as a natural remedy for anxiety that helps your body overcome mood changes and maintain a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B12 can help fight symptoms of anxiety, mood disorders, chronic stress, and depression. The essential vitamin works as an energy booster and helps improve concentration levels.

  1. Yoga and Physical Activity
Morning Sickness

A physically active person is less likely to experience anxiety symptoms. In fact, one of the anxiety causes could be inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle that makes you prone to all sorts of mental and physical disorders. Regular physical activity can help reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, and boost energy, thus relieving stress and inducing relaxation. If you are fighting anxiety symptoms, you should immediately get moving. Yoga is one of the safest home remedies for anxiety, especially deep breathing and meditation that promote relaxation, reduce muscular tension, and relieve stress.

  1. A Healthy Diet

Research establishes a connection between an unhappy gut and a stressed mind. If you have a poor gut health, you should refrain from eating processed, fried foods that have high sodium, sugar, or saturated fats.

Instead, you may want to include gut-friendly foods in your diet, including fiber-rich oats, whole grains, colorful fruits, antioxidant-rich berries, omega-3s, and vitamin C. Once-in-a-while indulgence in dark chocolate can help lower the level of cortisol – the stress hormone. Additionally, dietary and lifestyle changes can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.

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