Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a popular household item that has been used for several cooking and cleaning purposes for centuries. It is also an important part of hundreds of natural home remedies to help with all kinds of health problems. Apple Cider Vinegar is the most popular vinegar in the natural health community and is effective for controlling blood sugar levels, helping with weight loss and for improving symptoms of diabetes. Even though science is yet to prove some of the claims made about apple cider vinegar, nevertheless, it is a widely popular product, and offers numerous health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar

16 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Here are 16 health benefits of using apple cider vinegar:

1. Boosts Energy

If you are feeling tired, instead of consuming a chemical-filled energy drink, grab a bottle of apple cider vinegar to get an immediate energy boost. The enzymes and potassium in apple cider vinegar lifts your energy level. Simply add some ACV to a glass of water and drink it up. Not only does this help prevent fatigue during a workout, the amino acid in the vinegar fights off lactic acid buildup that usually occurs after exercise.

2. Good for Digestion

Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar helps settle stomach problems. Thanks to its bacteria-fighting power and antibiotic properties, apple cider vinegar helps with intestinal spasms and relieves tummy disorders.

3. Balances Cholesterol Levels

Researchers have indicated interesting findings regarding cholesterol and apple cider vinegar. Lower triglycerides and VLDL levels were observed in lab rats that were given apple cider vinegar along with a high cholesterol diet as compared to the rats that were not given any ACV with the same diet. This implies that apple cider vinegar is good for balancing cholesterol levels in addition to harmonizing blood sugar levels.

4. Prevents Diabetes

There is a direct connection between apple cider vinegar and lower blood sugar levels. One study showed that participants who consumed a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before going to bed reported a drop of up to 6% by the time they woke up. This is due to the anti-glycemic effect of the acid present in apple cider vinegar that helps with insulin sensitivity.

5. A Natural Detox

Apple cider vinegar is a natural detox that is almost always available at home. It detoxifies the liver and helps maintain good blood circulation. The acid in ACV also removes toxins from the body as the potassium content disintegrates mucus buildup in the body and clears lymph nodes.

6. Alleviates Sinus Infections

As mentioned above, apple cider vinegar efficiently breaks up mucus. This attribute also helps it clear out the sinuses. ACV is also a natural remedy to prevent and fight infections, such as the common cold. Sipping apple cider vinegar mixed with water helps you breathe easily.

7. Relieves Sunburned Skin

ACV is also helpful in soothing itchy skin areas. For instant relief, it can be applied on the affected area. It is also helpful for relieving itching caused by poison ivy, a jellyfish sting or insect bites. Not just that, it acts as a cooling agent for sunburned skin. Mix 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in your bath water and it will help to ease the discomfort caused by sunburn.


8. Weight Loss Aid

An interesting discovery made by scientists is that ACV helps you feel fuller, which means you can avoid cravings as you won’t be too hungry. Acetic acid found in ACV slows down the fat accumulation cycle. It can also be added to various other juices or incorporated into your diet by using it as salad dressing.

9. Removes Warts

No need to go for over the counter wart removers for treating warts. You can use a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar for covering the wart. Cover it with a band aid and leave it overnight. With gradual use, the wart will go away.

10. For Shiny Hair

Apple cider vinegar is also popular as an effective hair rinse for maintaining shiny hair. The acid removes any product buildup and balances the scalp’s pH level. By mixing 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar in 4 cups of water, you get an excellent rinse that you can apply to your hair after every shampoo. Rinse off with cold water after each use. It is also helpful in treating dandruff and should be applied to the scalp twice a week. Mix equal quantities of water and apple cider and place a towel around the head for at least an hour. Wash your hair and get visibly soft and shiny hair.

11. Good for Sore Throat and Bad Breath

Apple cider vinegar fights off bacteria and that is why it offers several health benefits. Mix equal quantities of apple cider vinegar and warm water and gargle for soothing a sore throat. You can repeat this as many times as you want since there are no side effects of using it. It also kills the bacteria that cause bad breath.

12. Body Deodorant

Deodorants may be popular but, some products are extremely harmful and cause skin infections. As a natural way to help fight the odor-causing bacteria minus the cancer-causing toxins, a little apple cider vinegar can be applied under the arms. Once it dries off, there will no traces of any vinegar.


13. Teeth Whitener

Worried about your yellow teeth? Use apple cider vinegar as a natural teeth whitener. Dilute apple cider vinegar by mixing it with equal quantities of water and squish it around in your mouth before brushing. You will get sparkling teeth and a bacteria-free mouth as a bonus.

14. A Natural Cleanser

Apple cider vinegar is immensely beneficial for your health due to its detoxing and cleansing properties.  It balances the skin’s pH levels and is good for the scalp as well for removing dandruff. Dilute it with some water and apply it as a toner with a cotton ball for preventing breakouts and blemishes.

15. Fades Bruises

ACV has incredible anti-inflammatory properties and is also helpful for easing discoloration. This means you can apply some of it on a bruise to relieve swelling and for guaranteeing that there are no bruises.

16. Takes Care of Smelly Feet

As apple cider vinegar helps curb unpleasant odors, it can also freshen up your smelly feet. After wiping your feet and toes clean, use a paper towel soaked in some apple cider vinegar to make them odor free as it efficiently balances the pH level of your feet as well as removes bacteria.

Final Thoughts

The wide-ranging benefits of apple cider vinegar make it an extremely beneficial product. From treating hiccups to alleviating cold, there are countless health benefits of using this natural item. Although using small amounts of apple cider vinegar does not cause any major side effects, consuming it in larger quantities on a regular basis can be slightly harmful. Due to its highly acidic nature, it can harm the teeth or lower bone density and reduce potassium levels. If you are on medication, consult your doctor before using apple cider vinegar in any form.

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