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Rosy, soft, and pulpy lips are a dream of every woman. You are no different. Pigmented lips can ruin your look. If darker lips are a big concern, it is still possible to lighten them. All you need are a few good home remedies for dark lips that can lighten and turn them pink. Lips can turn dark from smoking or sunburn. Other reasons of pigmented lips may include hormonal issues, cosmetic reactions, dry lips, allergic reaction, exposure to sunlight, windburns, aging, dead skin cells, tobacco use, and too much caffeine in your diet, among others. Any dark lips remedy should be accompanied with abstention from habits that may cause darkening of your lips.

Home remedies to lighten dark lips make pinkish

Top 10 Home Remedies for Dark Lips


1. Freshen up your lip look with lemon

Did you know lemon has bleaching or lightening properties and can be used to treat dark skin patches and spots? Similarly, lime juice can come in handy as a remedy for dark lips, which can remove dark spots and pigmentation. So, what are you waiting for? Rub a bit of lemon juice daily on your lips to lighten them.

2. Get rosy lips with a beetroot balm

Yes, beetroot can do more to enhance the beauty of your lips. Make your own lip balm at home with petroleum jelly and beet juice to turn your lips rosy. Or you may rub squeeze beet juice and smear it on your lips. Let the juice stay overnight and get set to see dramatic results the next day. Beet juice is one of the most effective home remedies for dark lips. If you can’t find a beetroot, go for carrot juice instead.

3. Go for olives

You have read it everywhere that olive oil is the best addition to your cooking. But did you know that it can provide you some relief from pigmentation? By slathering a layer of Vitamin E rich olive oil on your lips and resting it overnight, you can moisturize them and significantly lighten their dark hue. Almond oil and mustard oil make good substitutes for olive oil.

4. Choose honey to lighten lips

Honey is a great natural moisturizer that softens and nourishes the skin. If you apply a layer of pure honey on your lips, and leave it overnight, you might wake up to moisturized pinkish lips that are a shade lighter than the previous day. Try this home remedy for dark lips daily until you are happy with the color of your lips.


5. Go rosy with rose petals

Rose has been used for skin care and healing for centuries, thanks to its soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties. Make a paste with one drop of rose water and honey and slather it on your lips. Try this dark lip remedy 3-4 times a day.

Another easy way to use rose to lighten lips is by making a paste of rose petals. Mix one tablespoon of the paste with one teaspoon of honey and cream or butter. Gently scrub this onto your lips 2-3 times a week.

6. Sugar is too sweet for rosy lips

The need for regular exfoliation of your skin and lips cannot be stressed enough. It helps remove dead skin cells, chapped and dry skin, and dirt, which make them look dull, flaky, and dark. Exfoliate your lips for not more than 2 times a week. Here are a few DIY exfoliation scrubs that use sugar for that exfoliating effect.

Make a thick paste with two tablespoon of cream or butter and three tablespoons of granulated sugar. Use this paste as a scrub for your lips. Gently scrub your lips once a week and remove pigmented patches.

Another sugar remedy for dark lips is a scrub made with granulated sugar, honey, and almond oil. Use the remedy to scrub your lips frequently.

Or you may mix granulated sugar with cold cream and gently scrub your lips before hitting the bed. Try this remedy once a week.

7. Flaunt your lips with a berry balm

Berries are loaded with vitamins and minerals. By applying a berry balm on your lips, you can ensure a natural glow. Make a delicious lip mask with raspberries or strawberries, honey, and aloe vera. Rub the paste gently on your lips. Rinse off after 10 minutes and wait to see the magic. Regular use will give you soft, pinkish lips that you would love to flaunt.

You may also try a lip balm by combining strawberry paste and petroleum jelly. The pink lip gloss will be your favorite soon!

8. Keep them moisturized

Dry lips can look pigmented. It is a good idea to apply glycerin on your lips before going to bed. When you gently rub your lips, the dry or chapped skin should easily come off from your lips. Or you may use a lip balm or even coconut oil to keep lips moisturized all through the night. Coconut oil can lighten and soften dark lips. There are essential fatty acids in coconut oil that can smoothen and moisturize chapped lips.

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9. Rejuvenate lips with aloe gel

Use aloe Vera gel as one of the most effective home remedies for dark lips. Rich in polyphenolic compounds, aloe Vera gel can prevent further darkening of lips. Apply some aloe vera gel and rinse it off after 10 minutes. Slather a layer of a lip balm. Aloe Vera can rejuvenate tanned or pigmented skin and make your lips healthy with its potent nutrients.

10. Cut down on your caffeine intake

That cup of coffee or tea can make your lips wear a dark look. Too much of caffeine can cause lip pigmentation. However, this should not be a concern unless you take more than 5 cups a day.  So it would help to sip only 2 or 3 cups of caffeine a day.

Regular use of these home remedies for dark lips can prove highly effective to get rid of pigmentation. So what are you waiting for? Soft pinkish lips will no longer be a distant dream.

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