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Fish Oil, which comes from tissues of oily fishes, is considered as the less expensive and most common source of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are classified into two types: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Omega 3 fatty acids are highly demanded for its wide range of health benefits including treatment for high cholesterol level, arthritis, depression, skin care and eye disorders.

Aside from fishes, omega fatty 3 acids are also found in other animal products and phytoplankton. Daily recommended intake of fish oil can be attained by directly consuming fish and animal products or by taking fish oil supplements which are readily available in supermarkets or drugstores.

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Health Benefits of Fish Oil

1. Strengthens the Immune System

According to medical studies, omega 3 fatty acids deficiency is one the most common causes of deaths in America. In fact, this deficiency results to an average of 100,000 deaths per year in America. Many reasons are connected to this deficiency, but the most common is improper diet, which often includes fatty food, high cholesterol meat and lack of fish oil intake.

Over the years, fish oil has become one of most demanded supplements as more and more people are experiencing its health benefits. People who regularly took fish oil experienced stronger overall immune system compared to people who are suffering from omega 3 fatty acids deficiency. Fish oil provides vital minerals and nutrients that act as the body’s natural barrier against common health issues such as cough, colds, and heart diseases.


Children suffering from ADHD experienced better mental health and brain functions when daily consumption of fish oil was introduced. The scientific explanation behind this improvement is the fact that omega 3 fatty acids effectively improves literacy and brain functions by up to 50 percent especially with people with ADHD. In addition, fish oil works best with brain functions due to the fact that 60% of our brain is composed of fats.

3. Alzheimer’s Disease

Aside from improving literacy and brain function, fish oil can also minimize symptoms of Alzheimer ’s disease. Studies revealed that omega 3 fatty acids do not only slow down the decline of cognitive abilities especially in senior citizens, but also promote better overall brain health. Adults, which include those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, who consumed fish oil for more than a year displayed better cognitive skills and overall brain health compared to those who did not.

4. Weight Loss

When partnered with regular exercise, fish oil can also effectively increase speed of weight loss. Aside from providing health benefits, omega 3 fatty acids also promote faster calorie burning, thus more energy is available for various activities like jogging and yoga sessions. Furthermore, consuming fish oil before or after exercising has been proven to increase the efficacy of training sessions.


5. Better Eye Sight

Consumption of fish oil results to improved eyesight. Test supervised by National Eye Institute showed that omega 3 fatty acids effectively slows down the ageing of various eye components. In addition, these acids also help treat macular degeneration. Adults who regularly consume fish oil showed better eyesight and lower risk in developing eyes issues compared to those who suffer from omega 3 fatty acids deficiency.

6. Improved Skin Health

Fish oil is also highly sought for its ability to improve skin tone and texture. It has been proven to cure numerous skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, itching, skin lesions, skin allergies, redness, rashes and eczema. Aside from providing anti-inflammatory properties to decrease swelling caused by skin infections, omega 3 fatty acids also give effective moisturizing properties. In some cases, fish oil has been also connected to giving relief to skin conditions such as sunburn due to its soothing properties.

People suffering from these skin issues can either directly take fish oil supplements or topically apply fish oil on the affected area. For skin itching or redness, applying fish oil can give instant relief and minimize severe itching. Furthermore, fish oil can also prevent recurring acne by inhibiting androgen formation, which commonly leads to acne due to sebum accumulation in the hair follicle.

Similar to skin allergies, rashes, and redness, fish oil can be topically applied to skin areas affected by acne.

7. Pregnancy

Studies revealed that pregnant women who regularly consumed fish oil during their pregnancy period are less likely to experience premature birth, low weight birth and miscarriage. In addition, fish oil is loaded with DHA, an important substance that help in the proper development of the brain and eyes of babies. Furthermore, studies also stated that pregnant women who suffer omega 3 fatty acids deficiency are more susceptible to various health issues that may lead to preterm babies. Also, pregnant women with no regular fish consumption are more prone to experience depression after birth. This is explained by the fact that a considerable amount of brain mass of the mother is transferred to the baby during the last stages of pregnancy period.

Although fish oil is beneficial in ensuring proper health of the baby before and after birth, it is important to avoid consumption of fish oil from the liver of fish such as cod liver oil, which can cause pregnancy issues because of its high level content of retinal and vitamin A.

8. Better Hair Texture

Aside from improving skin health, fish oil is popular among women because of the many wonderful things it does to the hair. Omega 3 fatty acids are loaded with natural properties that provide effective nourishment to dull and damaged hair. In addition, these acids promote healthier follicles, thus allowing faster growth of hairs that are stronger and shinier.


Fish oil is also rich with various types of proteins, which are crucial in achieving overall healthy hair. These proteins not only provide anti-inflammatory properties to the scalp, but also promote stronger hair strands that are less prone to breakage or damage. Lastly, fish oil is also effective in preventing and curing hair loss. People suffering from falling hair and unwanted hair loss experienced less hair fall and faster hair growth after regularly consuming fish oil.

9. Asthma

Asthma causes the lungs to swell. Fish oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, which can effectively provide relief for many asthma symptoms.  People suffering from asthma, including children who are most susceptible to asthma, showed minimized coughing and heavy breathing during asthma attacks, In addition, children who take fish oil become less at risk with asthma. Lastly, pregnant women who regularly take fish oil during their pregnancy are likely to have babies that have lower risk in developing various types of allergies such as asthma and skin allergy.

10. Bone Health

Aside from calcium and vitamin D, the omega fatty acids found in fish oil are also effective in promoting stronger and healthier bones especially for adults. As people age, bones become weaker as minerals are lost, thus the risk of developing bone issues such as osteoporosis become high. Senior citizens and adults who have enough levels of omega 3 fatty acids have better bone density compared to those who have fish oil deficiency. Furthermore, exercise partnered with fish oil supplementation reduces the risk of experiencing bone breakdown that leads to many bone issues.

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