Considered as one of the most popular herbal ingredients in the world, Ginseng is classified as any of the 11 plants which belong to the genus Panax of the family Araliaceae. Since ancient times, ginseng has been used to prevent and treat a wide array of health conditions including common colds, fever and body pains.

Ginseng thrives in cooler climates and is originally traced from North America and some Asian countries. It is divided into two types: American and Korean. American ginseng is known to have lesser stimulating properties and is considered to give milder effects. On the other hand, Korean Ginseng gives greater stimulating effects and is used for more serious health conditions.

Due to the fact that there are no natural food sources for ginseng, it is commonly available in commercial form. Although it is considered safe, it is still recommended to get proper dosage or intake from a doctor. It is also best to only buy commercially made ginseng supplements from trusted manufacturers.

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Health Benefits of Ginseng

As early as ancient China, this herb has been a highly sought natural treatment for many diseases and health conditions. Today, although scientific studies are still ongoing regarding its other potential effects, this herb continues to be a popular natural treatment choice for most health enthusiasts. Below are some of the many health benefits ginseng offers.

1. Energy Provider

Ginseng is loaded with stimulating properties that effectively provide added strength and energy after tiring and stressful activities. It is recommended for health buffs who regularly practice exercises and physical activities. In addition, a recent study suggested that this herb can also give instant energy to people who suffer chronic fatigue and patients with existing health conditions like cancer.

Ginseng can be taken or consumed before and after tiring physical actives such as weightlifting or gym sessions.

2. Helps Cure Diabetes

Ginseng studies stated that regular consumption of this healthy plant lowers blood sugar levels, thus helps in minimizing symptoms of diabetes. Ginseng also has direct effect on high sugar level after meals. Within 3 months of daily intake, this herb gives diabetic patients a certain amount of control with their blood sugar level.

3. Improves Sexual Ability

One of the most common issues among adult men is erectile dysfunction. Ginseng, specifically red Korean ginseng, has been proven to treat sexually related issues such as erectile dysfunction. The potent stimulants in ginseng increases sexual urge while increasing sexual energy. However, before using ginseng as treatment for any sex related condition, proper intake and dosage must first be advised by a doctor due to the fact the this herb can negatively interact with other medications and possibly lead to development of various allergic reactions.

4. Menstrual Issues

Aside from helping with sex problems in men, ginseng is also beneficial to women especially those suffering from chronic menstrual condition. Regular intake of American ginseng tea can effectively reduce pain and cramps during menstrual period. In addition, this type of ginseng can also help relieve emotional distress, which is common among women during painful menstrual cycles. Ginseng can also decrease the possibility of experiencing stomach and back pains during this period.


Similar with men taking this herb tea as treatment for sex dysfunction, it is also recommended for women to consult a doctor before using American ginseng as a natural cure for menstrual symptoms to prevent unexpected complications like allergies.

5. Better Brain Function

Ginseng is loaded with stimulants and tonic that not only improve energy levels and physical strength, but also promote better overall brain function. Regular consumption of this herb as tea has been linked with improvement of brain memory and focus. Ginseng helps repair and replace old brain cells with new ones, thus better concentration and an improved thinking ability are achieved.

Aside from providing positive effects to the brain, American ginseng has been proven to develop better mood swings especially in young and middle aged people.

6. Prevents Colds and Flu

People suffering from on and off flu are highly advised to regularly consume American ginseng. An experiment showed that people who took daily ginseng got a 40% reduction in terms of possibility of getting flu and fever. In addition, these people also experienced minimized risk of developing respiratory diseases by as much as 58 percent.

The roots of American ginseng plant is also an effective cure in preventing recurring cough, cold and fever. It is recommended to drink this herb tea twice daily, in the morning and before going to bed especially when suffering from any of these health issues.

7. Helps Prevent Cancer

Ginseng is rich with cancer fighting properties that specifically targets tumor growth. Although still not conclusive, the use of this herb in preventing and treating various types of cancer has shown promise and potential over the years. Also, ginseng’s ability to repair and replace old cells that might be infected with cancer with new and healthier cells make this healthy plant an effective natural cancer cure.

In a study, a person suffering from cancer and continuous growth of cancer cells experienced decreased effects of various cancer symptoms when introduced to this herb.

8. Effective Anti Stress

Stress is natural reaction of your body whenever subjected to pressure or danger. To prevent or reduce stress occurrence, this herb is the best natural treatment alternative. Although both American and Korean ginseng can minimize stress symptoms, the red American ginseng is most recommended if you want a higher level of cooling and calming properties. Korean ginseng is generally considered as an energy giving ginseng, thus lower levels of calmness and relaxation are attained.


On the other hand, American ginseng is known as the more subtle ginseng between the two types, thus it gives the best relaxed state of mind and body. To prevent stress, it is recommended to consume a cup of this this herb in the morning before going to work. For people suffering from chronic stress, aside from other natural treatments such as changing your diet and increasing human interaction, consuming 2 cups of American ginseng per day to promote calmness and get rid of stressors is highly advised.

9. Prevents Stroke

Ginseng is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that effectively decrease the possibility of developing a stroke and other heart conditions. One of the most common causes of heart stroke and failure is blocked or inflamed arteries. Aside from promoting better blood circulation, American ginseng can help lower swelling around the heart area and makes sure that blood circulation through the arteries is smooth and consistent.

Scientific studies suggested the effectivity of this herb in preventing neuronal death due to sudden stroke. Moreover, American ginseng has also been linked with minimizing the damage and effects to vital organs of the body after a stroke.

10. Helps Prevent Neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Huntington’s disease are among the many neurological conditions that are treated by this herb . Asian ginseng is rich with neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that effectively fight these diseases. In addition, this type of ginseng is also being studied for its high potential in treating multiple sclerosis.

However, people suffering from any of these neurological disorders must first consult a doctor to get proper and healthy dosage and intake to avoid and prevent developing other symptoms.

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