Grape Seed Oil

As its name suggests, grape seed oil, also known as grape seed oil or just grape oil, is the liquid product from pressed grape seeds. This oil primarily used as a cooking ingredient because of its light and clean taste. It is often mixed as a salad dressing and as a texture solidifier in pancakes and waffles.

Aside from being a common food ingredient, this natural ingredient is also a popular natural health treatment for a wide array of medical conditions. However, its safety with respect to its ability to provide natural treatment is still debatable. It has been proven to contain high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which can promote various health risks.

grape seed oil

Health Benefits of Grape seed oil

1. Treats Acne

Grape seed oil is packed with linoleic acids, which provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that treat moderate and severe acne cases. Acne is more prevalent during adolescent years when hormones spike up. However, acne can still become an issue for adults due to various reasons such as stress, dirt and improper lifestyle. Grape seed oil is effective in minimizing acne formation while also providing proper moisture to the skin. Both teenagers and adults can use this wonder oil to treat and prevent skin issues such as acne, dermatitis and allergies.

It is recommended to apply Grape seed oil to the affected area once or twice daily, preferably before going to bed. You can also take Grape seed oil supplement daily to achieve flawless skin. It is better to ask a doctor for the proper dosage to avoid complications. Due to its growing popularity as an effective beauty treatment, there are now numerous brands offering Grape seed oil supplements in drugstores.

2. May Potentially Minimize Cancer Cells

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases, with hundreds of thousands of people dying from it worldwide. Because of this fact, scientific studies are continuously searching for different treatments. One of the many natural ingredients that have been proven to provide potential cure for various types of cancer is Grape seed oil, which is packed with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for killing and preventing the spread of cancer cells. In addition, this amazing oil can potentially promote or induce apoptosis, a process that enables the body to destroy damages cells in various cellular system.

People suffering from cancer are advised to take 2 to 3 Grape seed oil supplements daily to prevent further multiplication of cancer cells while also allowing the body to generate new and healthy cells. Aside from minimizing the risks of cancer, regular intake can also promote better functions of the liver as the system is rid of harmful toxins and substances. Lastly, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can also potentially benefit from taking Grape seed oil.

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3. Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Aside from preventing acne, the linoleic acids found in Grape seed oil are also linked with effectively lowering high blood sugar levels. For type 1 diabetes patients, regular intake of Grape seed oil tablets can promote proper production of insulin, a hormone that regulates sugar in the body. As a result, sugar is properly digested and developing high glucose level is prevented.

People suffering from diabetes are recommend to take 2 Grape seed oil tablets daily as maintenance treatment.

4. Prevents Stretch Marks and Wrinkles

One common skin issue among women are stretch marks, which usually develop after pregnancy. During pregnancy, the skin on the stomach area is stretched while elasticity is lost. Grape seed oil is rich with skin vitamins such as vitamin A and E, which effectively promote skin cells renewal while also providing proper moisture to retain elasticity and softness. When applied regularly, stretch marks will eventually disappear as a newer and soften layer of skin becomes visible.

Aside from stretch marks, Grape seed oil is also potent in removing wrinkles, which is a common skin issue in adults. The powerful skin vitamins in this wonder oil are perfect for smoothening fine line, wrinkles and other skin blemishes. It is recommended to apply it to the affected area before sleeping.You may also add a few drops of this oil to your favorite night moisturizer to maximize the effects on the skin.

5. Protection Against UV Rays

UV rays can be harmful to your skin. Excessive exposure can lead to various skin diseases and issues, and may potentially lead to skin cancer. Grape seed oil is packed with skin vitamins that have been proven to protect the skin from harmful effects of UV radiation. So the next time you plan for a sunbathing session, it is recommended to apply this oil all over the body. You can add it up to your favorite sunscreen lotion.

Grape seed oil is also effective in minimizing the appearance of age spots and pigmentation due to exposure to UV rays. In addition, it can be used to minimize pain and swelling caused by sunburn. Apply the oil to the affected area 2 to 3 times daily until swelling and redness are gone. In addition to daily topical application, you can take 1 to 2 Grape seed oil tablets daily to increase the healing process.

6. Minimizes Varicose veins, Spider Veins and Hemorrhoids

Another common skin issue among adult is the appearance of varicose veins, hemorrhoids and spider veins. All of these skin problems are due to damaged blood vessels and inability to achieve proper blood flow through the capillaries. As a result, blood is accumulated in the veins. Luckily, grape seed oil is packed with oligomeric proanthocyanidin and flavonoids, which are responsible in repairing damaged blood vessels and promoting better circulation of the blood. When blood flow normalizes, accumulated blood is eventually removed, thus appearance of these skin issues is removed.

Apply grape seed oil to the affected area twice or thrice daily. You can use a gauge or soft cloth to cover the area and prevent external contact. You can also take grape seed oil tablets once or twice a day to increase repair of the blood vessels. After a few weeks of doing these steps, you will see changes in the appearance of these skin issues.

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7. Minimize Arthritis

Caused by swelling joints, arthtis can be a painful condition that is common among adult people. People suffering from arthritis are unable to take full control of their movement especially when the joints are involved. Fortunately, grape seed oil is a proven natural treatment against arthritis. This oil is loaded with collagen, a powerful substance that promotes the repair of damaged connective tissues of the joints. Furthermore, collagen helps maintain strong connective tissue which usually becomes thin and susceptible to damage and breakage as you grow old. The anti-inflammatory properties of grape seed oil also effectively decrease swelling to minimize pain that is usually felt even with the slightest movement.

Apply grape seed oil to the affected joint thrice a day. Another recommended way to treat this health condition is by taking a teaspoonful of this wonder oil on an empty stomach for seven days. After doing so, you can take ½ teaspoon every day after a meal for maintenance.


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