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8 Reasons to Break Soda Habit

Soda, or commonly called soft drink, usually contains artificial flavor, carbonated water and loads of sweetener. The most commonly used sweetener is sugar, thus this drink is also known as “sugary soda”. Some people are having hard time to break soda habit. Statistic shows that soda is one …

What Eight Hours of Sleep Can Do To Your Mind and Body

For most people, night time is probably the best part of the day because it is the time to relax, be laid back and prepare for a much needed eight hours of sleep. However, for some people, getting enough sleeping hours is an issue due to various reasons …

Amazing Things Yoga Can Do To Your Overall Well-being

Yoga, which is defined as a collection of mental, physical and spiritual exercises, is a popular activity that originated from India. It focuses on the body’s natural way of healing both physically and spiritually to achieve better overall health. Among its many purposes include providing harmony, strength and …

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. In the US alone, an estimated 100 million coffee drinkers consume this healthy beverage on a daily basis. Statistics show that 500 billion cups of coffee are drank every year due to its relaxing aroma and energy …

8 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

The recommended daily water consumption for humans is about 8 to 12 glasses, which is why it is a vital part of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although drinking cold water also gives various benefits, consuming warm water provides added health benefits that minimize the risk of developing several …
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