Having abrasions is common to anyone, whether kids or adults. Abrasions are normally the cause of minor accidents at home, in the workplace, and in the most common places we frequently go to.  Abrasion is a shallow wound that occurs on the first layer of the skin but sometimes it reaches the epidermis that may cause your skin to bleed. Symptoms include pain and swelling on the affected area, some watery discharge, or bleeding in some cases.

Fresh bloody bruise wound on the knee with abrasions

When the abrasion reaches the epidermis there is sometimes a feeling of burning sensation and itching on the skin surrounding the wound. Mild abrasions are less likely to scar, the deeper ones are the ones that are most likely to leave scars on your skin. Abrasions could self heal in matter of  weeks without doing much at all, but there is a tendency for the affected part to become infected when abrasion is not attended with proper treatment and care.

Home Remedy Solutions for Skin Abrasions

The main reason why abrasions must be treated is to prevent infections from taking place. We can’t be sure if our open wounds could attract bacteria and viruses in the places we go to so we have to take necessary precautions. Moreover, treating your wound will help the affected area to heal faster than normal and to repair the skin that was damaged.

1. Cleaning with running water and mild anti-germicidal soap

When it comes to any kinds of wound, it is very important that you wash them properly with running water and a mild anti-bacterial soap to make sure that the affected part is clean. After washing, apply an antiseptic solution you can find in your first aid kit such as povidone iodine to make sure that the affected area will be prevented from other kinds of bacteria and viruses that were not removed from washing alone.

2. Aloe Vera

You are lucky if you have this on your garden because it has many useful purposes for your health and well-being. To use it in abrasions, you just need to simply cut open a piece of aloe vera and extract the inner gel by squeezing it. Then apply it directly on the affected part and let it stay on the skin. Repeat as often as needed.

Aloe vera is known to have anti-inflammatory compounds that also help in skin repair and dry skin. It provides the proper amount of moisture needed for faster healing.

3. Turmeric

This is a well known spice used to make foods tastier but aside from creating delicious food, turmeric is also known to be a good treatment for minor skin problems, including abrasions. Just mix up ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder with few drops of water to make a paste mixture. Apply it directly on the abrasions and let your skin absorb it. You can use it twice a day. Turmeric has natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that promotes fast healing of damaged skin and prevents the spread of infection.

Skin Chafing

Fresh turmeric

4. Coconut oil

It is important that you keep a bottle of this at home because this precious oil, specifically the virgin coconut oil has many wonderful benefits to your health and overall well-being. For abrasions, not only that it contains highly effective anti-inflammatory substances to help prevent infections, but it also serves as a moisturizer and a shield from dust, bacteria, and other external elements that could make your abrasions worse.

Just apply it on the part where your abrasions are as well as the surrounding skin area. Rub it until your skin fully absorbs the oil. Allow it to dry up then apply as often as needed.

5. Marigold

The marigold is known for having antimicrobial agents and antifungal properties. In fact, some antimicrobial ointments that you can be bought from drugstores contain Marigold extract in it as an active ingredient.

Marigold helps in treating the wound and controls skin irritation. Another important purpose of marigold when used in the skin is that it can stimulate the skin’s collagen production that helps further in repairing the damaged skin.

To use marigold in abrasions, you have to extract the juice by crushing the flower. Apply the extracted juice directly on your skin until fully absorbed. Repeat the process and use this plant for few days. Immediate results can be observed.

6. Honey

Pure honey is a good option to use for abrasions, not only that it is organic but it is also safe and effective. Honey contains antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial agents. No need to use chemical based products as this precious sticky liquid has them all. Applying raw honey on the affected area of the skin will help prevent infection. It also helps in preventing scars from deep abrasions by rubbing the liquid on the wound and applying bandage to cover and allowing the skin to absorb the honey.

Honey and a drizzler.

7. Parsley

Parsley is known as a garnish to add décor to most food presentations. Some who don’t eat parsley will just leave it off the plate without realizing all its numerous health benefits.

Parsley is rich in Vitamin C which helps the skin to recover faster from the abrasions. It reduces scars and blemishes too because of its capability to stimulate collagen production. Simply crush the parsley leaves and apply it directly on the damaged area.

8. Plantain leaf

You might think of this as just a wild plant which happens to sprout in your backyard or your neighbor’s backyard. Don’t underestimate the capability of this plant to heal abrasions. It has effective anti-microbial components as well as antibacterial ones that are not only effective in treating the wound to heal faster but it also helps alleviate the pain and itching caused by the damaged skin.  Just boil some plantain leaves and apply it on the wound or if you can’t wait for it to boil you may chew them up and apply the chewed leaf on the affected area.


9. Vinegar

Whether you like it or not, vinegar can help a lot. You may not want the smell of it on your skin but it is actually best for you to help heal up your wound faster. Also, it is one of the cheapest home remedy and very accessible.This sour liquid is good in cleaning and disinfecting the wound. Just add 3 teaspoons of water to a teaspoon of vinegar and use a cotton ball and swab it on the wound and the surrounding areas.



10. Elderflower

What makes elderflower a good choice for abrasions home remedy is that aside from the anti-inflammatory effect, it also helps soothe the skin from itching and irritation. You can apply crushed elderflower leaf on the infected area or if you want to preserve some for future use, you may mix the elderflower extract with lard to create a paste or ointment type solution. Just place the mixture in a refrigerator and use it when necessary.


Do not take your abrasions for granted. These home remedies are very accessible and inexpensive. You must treat your abrasions, whether mild or severe, immediately so that prevention from infection can be done. All these home remedies mentioned above are safe and suitable for kids. They are natural remedies that you can use anytime.


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Gii Santos
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