Not long before, alcoholism used to be known as a form of addiction, but now alcoholism is considered as a form of disease. In the US alone, 18 million Americans suffer from alcohol abuse and over 70 million are currently dealing and or have dealt with alcoholism in their family. This is very serious as alcohol abuse and its effect on the person and the relatives of the person are highly affected. It is proven that alcoholism can greatly affect one’s mental condition and not only the physical aspects. One of the effects, or in most cases, the cause of alcoholism which is depression can trigger different scenarios that you wouldn’t want to imagine to happen to your loved ones.

man with alcoholism problem

Citing examples of alcohol abuse are some celebrities who were once vibrant and active models that we used to look up to, but because they turn to alcohol as their source of solution to their problems, many unpleasant things happened in the course of their lives which not only affects their loved ones but even those people around them most specially the ones who look up to them in the past.

Symptoms of Alcoholism are:
– Inability to control or limit the intake of alcoholic drinks
– One’s feeling of urge to drink
– Behavior problems like being cranky or irritated particularly when looking for alcohol
– Nausea and vomiting
– Excessive shaking and sweating

Effects of Alcohol abuse:
– Brain damage and loss of memory
– Frequent hallucinations
– Chess infections
– Loss of muscles
– Ulcers and other stomach ailments
– Impotence and infertility
– Being highly susceptible to STDs and HIV
– Weakening of the immune system

Home Remedies to Treat Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Related Problems

Treating alcoholism must start with one’s self. It is a decision that involves not only the family members but the affected person as well. The power of self will and discipline are the keys to break this addiction but these keys will not be achieved if there is no moral support from the victim’s loved ones. Encouragement and motivation from the people around can help the victim to recover faster. The home remedies listed below will also help a lot when a victim has decided to fight this disease.

1. Exercise

This is the most inexpensive way to combat alcoholism. There is no money involved unless you enroll in a fitness center or a physical program. You can do this at home, with the help of family members that will also benefit from exercise to promote a healthy and fit body.

Regular exercise helps prevent brain damage as well as the loss of cognitive functions. It reduces stress, improves one’s mood, reduces the urge and cravings, and it also helps fight depression. Regular exercise also promotes better sleep at night.


You may start by brisk walking, jogging, running, or biking. These activities, when done outside, will not only help your body but it will also help you appreciate more about your surroundings.

2. Yoga and meditation

This form of exercise helps restore the connection between your mind and body. It promotes relaxation and peace of mind. It improves your physical strength and helps you deal with your emotional struggles by being one with yourself.

There are plenty of gyms and fitness centers that are offering yoga classes. Enrolling and attending to one of these can also help you meet new people and help you reestablish social interaction.

3. Acupuncture

This form of ancient Chinese medical treatment could help a victim resist cravings for alcohol and it also prevents relapse of those who undergo rehabilitation. The correct pressure points on the ear help minimize the desire for alcohol consumption and helps reduce anxiety and depression. Acupuncture also helps stimulates your body’s overall wellness.

Acupuncture for alcoholism

4. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a good foundation of anything that has something to do with your body’s overall wellness. Whether we are suffering from alcoholism or not, it is important that we keep a healthy and balanced diet in check all the time.

Having a healthy diet helps an alcoholic person to remain sober and reduces the effect of heavy drinking. When our body is nourished by the important vitamins and minerals we can overcome diseases and alcoholism is no exception to that. The side effects of alcoholism can be treated by these nutrients: Vitamin B12 improves liver function, which is the body part that is greatly affected by alcohol abuse. Vitamin C improves brain function while amino acids helps in stabilizing behavior and mood to help combat alcohol addiction.

Eat a lot of fiber rich food and carbohydrates, whole grains, cereals, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

5. Coconut oil

This oil, especially the virgin coconut oil, has anti-oxidants which helps nourish the brain. It also contains saturated fats the helps the antioxidant compounds to function better. It reduces the sugar in the blood which helps fight cravings and urges to drink alcohol. Coconut oil also aids in lowering cholesterol, it improves energy and helps regulate a healthy weight.

 6. Lemon and honey

This must be mixed with warm water. Lemon and honey when combined is very effective in cleansing any traces of alcohol in the body. This is also used to treat alcohol hangovers.

lemon and honey tea

7. Dates

Eating dates once a day with water for over a month has proven to help reduce tendency towards alcohol.

8. Willow bark

To help relax the brain from the effects of alcohol, drinking a tea made from boiled willow barks will help. It could also provide pain relief that is may be related to alcoholism.

9. Banana

Eating banana on a frequent basis is highly recommended as this fruit has so much potassium in it. Too much alcohol in the body diminishes our potassium level. To recover from that loss, banana as well as other potassium rich foods is essential for our body.

Liver Care

bunch of yellow bananas

10. Ginger roots

The ginger root extracts aid in minimizing the physical withdrawal effects of alcoholism. This is very good for those who are just starting rehabilitation as it can reduce the vomiting and nausea effects. It is also helpful in relaxation and feeling refreshed.

11. Grape juice

Even though grape juice is the primary ingredients of some alcoholic drinks particularly the wines, grape juice therapy is in fact helpful for those who are trying to treat and prevent alcoholism. This helps in becoming accustomed to the normal diet routine.

12. Plenty of water

Alcohol abuse causes your body to dehydrate. Imagine the frequent intake of alcohol and the water that has been lost by dehydration. This could pose serious health disease as body fluids are essential in the proper blood circulation. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water every day is important to replace all the fluids lost in the body.

It will make you more lively and active and helps your skin to become better looking and not all dried up. Water promotes cleansing and encourages proper nourishment of the body.

bottle of water pouring on glass

Treating and breaking alcoholism starts at home. With that in mind, aside from the moral support, motivation, and encouragement from your loved ones, these home remedies will also be your natural healing treatment to further prevent the physical and mental damages this disease had caused you and your entire family.


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Gii Santos
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