Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The numbness, tingling sensation, and sometimes a feeling of restlessness in your hands or weakness in your wrist are brought by the pressure build up from your median nerve. The median nerve and some tendons pass through the small space in your wrist which is called the carpal tunnel. When you feel the sensations mentioned above that means you have the condition called the carpal tunnel syndrome. The pressure that causes this condition like swelling or any form of pressure makes your carpal tunnel smaller.

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• Numbness with tingling sensation on your fingers and hands. Sometimes when the symptom is severe, the sensation may even extend to your wrist and forearm
• Weakness and restlessness on your wrist and arms, may even drop objects


• The common cause is doing repetitive and prolonged hand activity
• Bending your hands down lower than your wrist for prolonged period of time
• Disease-related such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and hypothyroidism

Effective Home Remedies to Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Before taking any over-the-counter pill for pain relief or applying any chemical based ointments on your wrist, why not try first these natural home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. You could save yourself from the unpleasant side effects of the chemical based products plus you can also experience other health benefits from taking any of these natural home remedies.

1. Willow

This contains substance that helps alleviate pain and reduce inflammation that causes pressure on your median nerve. This substance is called the salicylate which is also the same substance found in aspirin. Aside from willow, there are also other herbal remedies that contain salicylate such as meadow sweet and winter green. There are people prohibited from taking this substance because of some side effects.

2. Pineapple

There is an important enzyme found in pineapples which is highly recommended in treating Carpal Tunnel syndrome. This enzyme is called bromelain. It has very good anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce swelling and pain.

Eating fresh pineapple together with other fruits that also contain anti-inflammatory enzymes like papaya and ginger is a good combination. You can make salad and add a dash of turmeric powder for greater effects against carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Chamomile

Boil chamomile flower to make a tea. This herbal tea is not only good in making you feel calm and relaxed but it also has soothing effects on your carpal tunnel. Chamomile can relax your nerves from pressure and the active compound it contains has anti-inflammatory effects. This remedy is also good for those who experience the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome at night.

The pain and numbness could hinder your sleep or could wake you up in the middles of the night. Drinking several cups of tea every day is safe and effective. Make sure that you don’t have much planned activities throughout the day because the soothing effects of drinking several cups of chamomile tea would make you want to relax or sleep.
Chamomile tea


4. Cayenne (Red pepper)

Is an effective natural pain reliever that contains 6 anti-inflammatory compounds. One of the compounds that is known to have the strongest effect is the capsaicin. It is used by pharmaceutical companies to create over the counter topical solutions for pain and swelling.

When using cayenne as a home remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome, simply add a teaspoon of it in powdered form to a body lotion, mix thoroughly and apply it in your hands and wrist.

5. Turmeric

The compound found in this spice called the curcumin is known to have great anti-inflammatory benefits. According to research, this compound is equally effective to the chemical-based drug with cortisone content used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. A home remedy like turmeric will not give you the nasty side effects of the steroidal medicine with cortisone. Use turmeric powder in dishes as often as you wish, you may also add black pepper to increase the production of the anti-inflammatory compounds. You may also use supplements made purely from turmeric.

6. Cumin

A well-known Mexican spice used to add colorful flavor and the Mexican aroma to many dishes. Cumin contains 3 compounds that are known to have effective pain relieving effects. Aside from the 3 compounds, there are 7 more compounds that have anti-inflammatory contents, among these 7 compounds, 4 of them are very good in reducing swelling. As you can see, this spice has it all. It is clearly jampacked with great health benefits and cure for carpal tunnel syndrome. Use this in your dishes to add extra flavor and aroma or you can buy health supplements that contains pure cumin ingredients.

close up of the cumin indian spices

7. Resting from repetitive task

It is advisable to always take a break from a repetitive task especially if you are starting to feel the pressure. Do not over bend your wrist when doing certain activities and do not prolong the bending as much as possible. Take in between breaks and exercise your wrist and fingers whenever you pause from your activity such as playing guitar, typing, hand drilling and more.

Stretching your hands, fingers, and forearms and massaging it from time to time to relax your nerves is also a good thing to do to increase proper blood circulation and relax your arms and hands. Doing this will prevent pressure from building up and crawling down your wrist and fingers.

8. Wearing splints or wrist wraps

The purpose of wearing splints and wrist wraps is to keep your wrist from being straight when you do certain activities. By having your wrists straight, the pressure that is building up from you median nerve could be prevented. Wearing wrist wraps allows your carpal tunnel to warm up and relax better.

Athlete’s Foot

Try to wear splints in the afternoon because carpal tunnel syndrome can be commonly felt during night time. Preventing the pressure as early as during the afternoon will help ease the effects at night time. Doing this will give you better and a more relaxed sleep. You can wear these preventives anytime of the day as sometimes we are not sure when the carpal tunnel condition could be experienced.

9. Wearing gloves

Another way to keep your hands warm and prevent the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome is by wearing gloves. Warming your hands can greatly reduce pain and stiffness. If you find it uncomfortable to do your activities wearing gloves, you can go for those fingerless ones as warming your palm and wrist is more important and including your fingers may not be necessary. Also, you can wear gloves when you are done doing your activities.

Man with gloves using cellphone outdoors.

10. Acupuncture

Studies show that this traditional Chinese needle treatment is very effective in combatting the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, some patients would attest that 8 sessions of acupuncture in one month duration shown them significant decrease of the effects of the condition. The benefits of acupuncture are also long term and sometimes the treatment could even completely eliminate the condition depending on the gravity and occurrence of the carpal tunnel syndrome. There are patients who experience a year or more of not feeling the effects of the carpal tunnel syndrome after they gone through acupuncture.

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