Cataract is a vision problem affecting people particularly the aging population. It is the clouding of the lens of the eyes that causes blurred vision and could occur in one of the eyes or in both eyes in some cases. In America alone, more than half of the aging population of 80 years old and above or younger suffer from cataract or some of them had undergone cataract surgery.


• Aging
• Protein clumping up and form clouding in some parts of the eye lenses
• Associated with smoking, particularly those who suffer at a younger age than 80
• Diabetes


• Blurred vision
• Vision of some colors are faded out
• Some forms of light may appear to be too bright
• Poor vision particularly during night time
• As the cataract grows larger, double or multiple vision may become present
• Eye grade gets higher on a faster rate than normal

Problems with eyesight or cataract of senior man

There are three stages of cataract, these are:

1. Immature – the lenses are semi cloudy and clear areas of the eyes are still present. This stage doesn’t require surgery yet.
2. Mature – the eyes are completely cloudy and may require medical treatment because blurred vision may become disturbing
3. Hyper mature – this is the stage of cataract where there is excessive clouding on the lenses. This leads to tissues leaking through the surface. If not treated, this can cause severe vision problems and could lead to blindness

Home Remedies for Cataract

Early forms of cataract can be prevented using the home remedies listed below. These home solutions are known to have great benefits and contain the kind of nutrients our eyes need to maintain healthy. Avoid the use of over the counter chemical based eye products as there are certain negative effects that you could suffer from later on.

1. Garlic

It is one of the most common home remedies found in the kitchen. By eating 2 to 3 fresh cloves of garlic daily, your lenses will be cleansed slowly and you will notice a clearer vision and less protein clumping. This is a wonderful treatment for cataract that must be done on a regular basis.

Garlic will not only help treat cataract formation but it also helpful in managing your body’s health as you age because it could also help in proper blood circulation, cholesterol management, and other great health benefits to nourish your aging body.

2. Raw vegetables

The vitamins that you could get from the vegetables are rich and intact when they are still raw. These vegetables include leafy greens, carrots, cucumber, and those vegetables you put in salad. These veggies are high in Vitamin A which is essential for the eyes’ health. Cooked and heated vegetables sometimes lose the essential nutrients needed by the body that is why eating them fresh and raw (only those that you can eat raw) is highly recommended.

Make sure that you wash them thoroughly with running water or immerse them in a basin of water with baking soda to make sure they are squeaky clean and the dangerous chemical pesticides are washed away. If you could afford organic vegetables, the better it is for you.


3. Milk and almonds

Those with eye problems use this as a form of drop solution. They soak fresh almond nuts in milk overnight to absorb the nutrients from the nuts. The milk must be fresh, sterilized, and unadulterated. After soaking apply a few drops on your eye lids and let you eye absorb it. The remaining milk and almonds ca be consumed as this can be helpful to achieving a healthy skin.

For those with cataract problems, this solution helps the eye from treating the redness and irritation. This also reduces the effects of cataract.

Raw Organic Almonds Photographed on a Piece of Burlap

Milk in a Glass.

4. Green Tea

Drink a cup of green tea at least 3 to 4 times a day and enjoy its healing and health benefits. Green tea is known to have great antioxidant contents that will not only give your full body benefits but is also helpful in rejuvenating your eye’s health

5. Spinach

This leafy green is packed with beta-carotene and antioxidants. It helps prevent the protein clumping on your lenses and can even reverse the effects of eye cataract. The nutrients that spinach contains also help clean the eyes.

6. Wheatgrass juice

Wheat grass juice has been proven to be very effective in combatting eye cataract. The efficacy has been tested to animals and some people who suffer from cataracts would attest to better eye vision and overall health. Wheatgrass is one of the best natural cure for eye and vision problems even if the cause of it is due to aging.

Drinking wheatgrass juice on a daily basis is a good idea, but if you can add some wheatgrass supplements to your daily routine, the better it is not only for your eyes but also for your whole well-being.

Green Organic Wheat Grass Juice ready to drink

7. Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C in its natural form can give a lot of health benefits. The antioxidant effects alone can do a lot of wonders to our health what more for the other nutrient it contains. Vitamins C intake could reverse signs of aging and this include cataract which is one of the aging symptoms.

8. Pumpkin

When you drink fresh pumpkin juice every morning, this would help your body slow down the protein clumping in the eyes and help improve your eye’s health. Pumpkin juice with pumpkin flower extracts is the best to consume on a daily basis.

9. Aniseeds

There are 2 ways to use aniseeds as home remedy for cataracts. The first one is to consume 6gm of aniseeds directly twice daily in which the health effects can be felt within two weeks time. If you don’t feel like eating and tasting aniseed in its full blast you may try doing the second option which is is to make a mixture of it combined with coriander powder and brown sugar. You can pulverize the aniseed and mix it with the food you eat.

Closeup shot of spice ingredient Aniseeds with shallow depth of field

10. Raw red bell peppers

The vitamins and nutrients found in red peppers in its raw form is very good for the blood vessels in your eyes. Eating this could lower your risk of having cataract and other visual impairments like macular degeneration and eye infections. Other nutrients that this food contains that are essential to the eyes are lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids.


11. Sweet potato

This one is something common that you can eat without hesitation. Sweet potato and other crops and vegetables that are orangy in color contains high amounts of beta carotene that helps improve eyesight and promoted better vision and overall eye health. Eating sweet potato and high beta-carotene foods can even improve night vision.

12. Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is known to improve blood circulation in and even in the eye area which helps combat vision problem. The proper and improved blood flow in the eyes helps in reversing the protein clump up as your eyes remain healthy and in good form. It is recommended that you consume at least 3 to 4 times a day not only for your eyes heath but also for your total well being.

Close-up on Ginkgo Biloba tree

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