Depression, as we all know is a kind of mood disorder that affects mostly adults. This mood disorder is associated with a feeling of loneliness and loss of interest on things around. The feeling of lack of self-worth is also one of the common emotions we have when we suffer from this kind of condition. When depression is not managed or controlled, it could deeply affect our emotions, the way we think, and the way we behave.

There are different forms of depression that one can experience from another. These forms include: (1) Persistent depressive disorder or also known as dysthymia. This condition could last a year or more and can occur anytime. (2) Perinatal depression is a form of depression that takes place after pregnancy and could last for around two weeks. This is the milder form of another pregnancy related depression which is the (3) post-partum depression that could last for a year or so after giving birth. (4) Psychotic depression, on the other hand, is a severe form where patients could suffer from delusions and hallucinations. (5) Seasonal affective disorder is the type that takes place during winter season in the absence of the normal daylight or sunshine.


• Sadness, feeling anxious about things in general, empty emotions
• Feeling helpless and hopeless
• Frequent irritability
• Loss of interest on hobbies and daily activities
• Fatigue
• Feeling worthless, bothered, and nervous
• Difficulty in remembering things
• Loss of focus and will
• Sleeping problems
• Suicidal tendencies
Stress, headache, body pains, fever


• Genetic, family history
• Trauma, stress, and major life changes
• Illness
• Side effects of medications

Sad teenage girl looking out the window having depression on a cold autumn day

Natural Home Remedies and Methods to Combat Depression

To fight off depression the natural way, here are some home remedies and methods that will help you deal with your condition and its effects. Set aside chemical-based medications for now as there are certain side effects that can do more harm than good. You should start treating yourself because the key to battle depression is the power of self will and of course with the help of some home remedies listed below:

1. Set life goals

Set a goal for yourself to accomplish something worthwhile and useful for you and for other people. Start with something small such as joining a community wherein you share the same advocacy. Take tiny steps to accomplish something and eventually take bigger steps until you gain back your self-worth. Challenge yourself to become a better person every day.

2. Create a routine

These are the daily activities you can do to achieve your daily goals that will help you in aiming for the greatest life goal you set for yourself. This routine doesn’t have to be grand, allow yourself to experience failure, in fact provide a room for failure and learn better every day. Unleash your inner strength as this daily routine’s goal is to make you feel good about yourself and life in general.


3. Go for green tea instead of coffee

Both coffee and green tea contains caffeine which boost your mood and gives you the kind of kick to perform daily activities. However, coffee, compared to green tea, has a crashing effect that can drag your mood down. Green tea has a component that complements with its caffeine content. This component will not make you experience the crashing effect.

Furthermore, green tea reduces stress. It is best to drink a cup of tea (steep a bag in boiling water) in the morning together with your breakfast to start your day with a nice mood boost.

green tea pouring in a cup

4. Acupuncture

Some are still hesitant to try or undergo this procedure but research shows that this type of needle treatment helps a lot in managing the pain and anxiety cause by depression. It will make your feel calm, relaxed and happier. Patients that have undergone acupuncture attest that the effects of this treatment lasts for a year or even more. These days many treatment facilities and hospitals offer this kind of treatment.

5. Chamomile tea

Drinking a cup of chamomile tea in the late afternoon will help you to sleep better in the evening. You can also sip a cup right before bed time. We all know that a patient suffering from depression have sleeping problems and chamomile tea contains flavonoids, the natural ingredient that has relaxing effects, when taken before going to sleep, it will give your bod the kind of relaxation and calmness promoting to a better sleep.

6. Yoga and meditation

One of the main objectives of yoga and meditation is to help you keep a healthy mental condition through peace of mind, relaxation, and concentration. Some of the basic and advanced yoga positions provides great benefits to the body as it promotes flexibility, strength, and endurance. Having a healthy mind also promotes healthy body and overall well-being.

There are still many people who are hesitant about yoga and meditation because it contradicts their traditional and spiritual beliefs, but these days yoga and meditation is being practiced for its health and fitness benefits without the need to perform the rituals involved from traditional yoga.

Woman meditating in the lotus position closeup

7. Consuming food rich in Vitamin B

Taking vitamin B supplements to complete the requirements for B12 vitamins is okay. However, Vitamin B12 coming from its natural source is way better than supplements. Direct sources of this B vitamins include fish, other seafoods, cheese, spinach, turkey meat, and bell peppers.

Some of the benefits of consuming from the natural source is that you get the freshness and natural form of the vitamin B12 and also you get added nutrient from them such as Vitamin C, A, E and other minerals and nutrients needed by the body to stay strong and healthy.


8. Magnesium loading

Some of the foods that are rich in magnesium include bananas, nuts like almonds and cashews, spinach, black beans, and soy milk. The high amounts of magnesium from these foods are essential in keeping our body energized as it stimulates the enzymes in our body that helps with proper blood circulation and a well-regulated heartbeat. Magnesium also helps in keeping our brain chemicals in stable condition which gives us clear thinking and a pleasant disposition.

9. Pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seeds are also good source of magnesium. Other than that, it also contains healthy fats. These essential nutrients are helpful in alleviating stress and improving your mood. It also contains a type of amino acid boosts our body’s natural production of serotonin. Serotonin is associated with the treatment of depression because it helps maintain a balanced mood and allows your brain and nerve cells to function actively. Moreover, munching on dried, unpeeled pumpkin seeds can keep you occupied.

Colorful autumn still life with a yellow bowl overflowing with pumpkin seeds

10. Exercises

Physical activities make your body healthy as well as your mind. When your whole body and organs are active and functioning properly through daily exercise, you are bound to think clearly and productively. Daily exercise routines strengthen your heart, lowers blood pressure, builds stronger bones, and reduces unnecessary fats that makes you look fit, healthy and great about yourself.
Start with light exercises such as gardening, brisk walking, jogging in place, yardwork, and simple housework before getting into more advanced forms such as biking, dancing, sports, aerobics, running marathons, and others.

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