Many people suffer from sleeping disorder in which they are experiencing difficulty in getting into sleep or staying asleep. This condition can be referred to as insomnia. There are two types of this condition—the primary and the secondary insomnia. Each type can be determined by its cause.

1. Primary Insomnia
The sleeping problem is not related to any forms of disease or health problems.

2. Secondary Insomnia
The sleep problem is caused by underlying health problems.

Aside from the types, insomnia can also be classified according to the length of the condition. These are:

1. Acute Insomnia – This is short term and occurs not too often, usually only within days or weeks.


Stress because of life circumstances such as loss of loved ones, loss of something important, divorce, etc.
• Diseases
• Emotional and physical distress
• Environment and surroundings such as too much light, extreme temperatures, noise, etc.
• Side effects of medications
• Jet lag and other things that can interrupt sleep cycle

2. Chronic Insomnia –This is a long-term condition that takes around three nights in a week and lasts for months or even longer


• Anxiety and depression
• Pain and discomfort that occurs during night time
• Chronic stress

There are several symptoms a person with this condition may suffer from and these include the following list below.


• Difficulty in falling asleep
• If fell asleep, the quality of sleep is light and incomplete
• Frequent waking up during sleep and having hard time getting back to sleep
• Waking up too early than normal
• Stressed and feeling restless after waking up
• Sleepiness takes place during the day
• Tiredness and irritability
• Hard time focusing and remembering things

Shot of a worried young woman with insomnia trying to fall asleep

Home Remedies to Help You Sleep Better and Fight Insomnia

When symptoms mentioned above are becoming present and when the sleeplessness is degrading your health, it is important that you consult an expert to evaluate your condition and to address proper medication. Since the primary effect of insomnia is the lack of sleep, there are home remedies that you can take in order to treat and prevent this effect of insomnia and give you better nights of sleep.

1. Hops

This is the female flower that is a key ingredient in making beer. The calming effect of this plant is beneficial to treat sleeping disorders. This has sedative properties and has been used to treat not only insomnia but anxiety as well. The recommended dosage to take is between 30mg to 120mg right before you go to sleep.

2. Yoga and meditation

Peace of mind and healthy body are the effects of yoga and meditation. The stretching exercise promotes flexibility and allows blood to properly circulate within your body. This helps all organs to function better. Try beginner’s yoga first before engaging to much more advanced yoga poses. You can do this at home or enroll in a class nearby.

3. Valerian

The root of this herb is known to treat insomnia and relieves it symptoms. Studies and research revealed that tea infused with Valerian roots can greatly improve the quality of your sleep and can even speed up falling asleep at night. Continued use of this herb can eventually treat insomnia. The recommended dose to take is between 200mg to 800mg before bedtime.

Dengue Fever

Valerian herb leaf, flower and root, over white background. Modern day alternative equilvalent to valium acting as a tranquilizer.

4. Tart Cherry

The juice extracted from these berries is a natural sleep enhancer. A cup of this delicious juice contains tryptophan which is an important type of amino acid that transforms to serotonin which then transforms to melatonin. These natural chemicals functions to keep us have a healthy sleep cycle by allowing us to feel the drowsiness effects. It also lowers body temperature and helps our central nervous system to synchronize in our body’s biological clock.

5. Acupuncture

One of the many great benefits of this traditional Chinese needle treatment is to stimulate the points in our different body parts. It helps in correcting the balance and opening up important channels or the meridians in our blood vessels. When these channels are in balanced order and free from any blockages, it gives signal to the brain to understand when the body needs to sleep.

6. Bananas

Eating a banana right before bed time can help you feel calmer. The tryptophan contained in tart cherries is also present in bananas. Aside from this compound, banana is also rich in potassium and magnesium which are nutrients that help muscles relax. Eat a banana 30 minutes before going to bed to load up enough magnesium level and help your muscles to relax.

Raw Organic Bunch of Bananas

7. Exercise

One of the key factors to promote better sleep is to make your body active during the day and boost your heart’s functions and proper blood circulation. Exercising your body on a daily basis can help you achieve this. Jogging, jumping rope, brisk walking an hour every day, or going to the gym would be a great start.

8. Chamomile

We all know that when it comes to dozing off your way to a better sleep, chamomile tea is one of the first herbal remedies you may think of. This herb relaxes muscles and the sedative compounds present in each bag of pure chamomile tea signals the central nervous system to feel sleepy.

If you want a freshly prepared chamomile tea made by yourself, all you need is a quarter of a cup of fresh chamomile flowers or a couple of tablespoons of dry flowers. Add in some honey and milk if you wish. Drink it before bed time.

9. Lavender

Aromatherapy aids in better sleep because of its relaxing effects that could let you feel a sense of drowsiness. Lavender scent helps improve moods and stimulates brain activities that suggest to feeling calmer and drowsy. A sachet of this aromatherapy placed under your pillow or lighting up an incense of lavender sticks before going to sleep is a good idea to prepare your body to sleep soundly.


Bunch of lavender flowers on a white background

10. Saint John’s Worth

For insomnia related to health problems like anxiety and depression. The compounds present in this plant increase the levels of serotonin which boosts sleep quality. Those with disrupted sleeping problems can benefit from using a tea infused with this medicinal herb. Adding honey can give you additional health benefits as well as adding some lemon extracts.

11. Drinking a Glass of Warm Milk

Calcium helps the brain to produce certain amounts of melatonin that help promote better sleep. The warmness of the milk can help you relax too. The recommended type of milk is the one that contains almonds because of its higher amounts of calcium. Doing this before bedtime will not only give you a sound sleep but it will also make your bones stronger and healthier even as you age.

12. Setting Up Your Room

What could be more relaxing than having your bed room turned into a more relaxing place? You can choose to keep the lighting dimmer, add therapeutic scented candles, or just simply get ideas from the setup of your most visited spa. You may choose darker shades of window curtains so that if you prefer to sleep past in the morning during weekends, the heat and brightness of the early morning sun will not disrupt your sleep. You can also install cooling and heating system to give you the right temperature your body needs in order to sleep better.

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