The yellowish color that appears on most parts of the skin is related to the health condition called jaundice. Jaundice or also knows as icterus can also be diagnosed through the eye color of the person which gives a yellow tinge on the white part of the eye just like on the skin. These yellow marks are brought by the excessive bilirubin present in the blood (or hyperbilirubinemia). The yellow marks on the skin and eyes depend on the level of bilirubin excretion, mild levels will show yellow marks, while higher levels will display brown colorization. Even body fluids could become yellow when a person suffers from this condition.

Jaundice is common to newborns (infant jaundice) and adults. However, infants jaundice is could be different from the adult jaundice because the infant jaundice could also be a cause or an underlying disease. The bilirubin which is the cause of jaundice is acquired when iron is removed from the hemoglobin producing wastes that remains in the body. This waste is the bilirubin itself and excess of this may leak from the blood and affect the surrounding tissues.

Types of Jaundice

1. Hepatocellular jaundice – which is the result of liver injury or liver disease
2. Hemolytic jaundice – a direct result of hemolysis or the accelerated breakdown of red blood cells which leads to the increase in production of the bilirubin.
3. Obstructive jaundice – result of an obstruction in the bile duct which prevents the bilirubin from separating to the liver.


– Yellow markings on the skin that usually starts at the head and on the lower part of the body
– Itchiness (pruritis)
– Fatigue
– Weightless
– Fever
– Abdominal pains
– Pale stool color
– Dark colored urine
– Nausea and vomiting

baby with jaundice


Underlying conditions can be associated with the formation of jaundice. The tissues could become oversaturated with bilirubin or when the liver is prevented from disposing bilirubin. These conditions are:

• Acute Liver Inflammation – the ability of the liver to combine the bilirubin and secrete it result to the buildup of these blood wastes.
• Bile duct inflammation – this inflammation can hinder the secretion of bile to remove the bilirubin.
• Hyperbilirubinemia – the bile duct prevents the liver from getting rid of bilirubin
• Gilbert’s syndrome – this condition is hereditary and it impairs the ability of the enzymes to process proper bile excretion.
• Hemolytic anemia – this happens when large number of erythrocytes is broken down effecting to overproduction or bilirubin.

Home Remedies You Can Use to Prevent and Treat Jaundice

Just before you consider over-the-counter remedies, why not try these natural home remedies first? Aside from the other important nutrients you can get from these natural medications, you can also make sure that these are safe and no harmful side effects.


1. Papaya Leaves

This is one of most used home remedies for treating jaundice. Turn the leaves into a paste-like mixture by crushing them. Add a tablespoon of honey and consume this for about a week or two or when the condition improves.

The nutrients found in papaya leaves are fiber, folate, Vitamins A, C, and E. It is also rich in antioxidants and beta carotene. All these contribute to help treat jaundice.

2. Basil Leaves

Make a paste by crushing 10 to 15 pieces of basil leaves. Add this paste in radish juice for added treatment effect against jaundice. Drinking radish juice with basil leaves for two weeks will show very significant result on the body.

3. Tomato juice

A glass of fresh tomato juice every morning on an empty stomach is very effective in treating jaundice. You may add a pinch of salt and pepper for added taste. Tomato juice is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients needed by the body to combat diseases.

4. Gooseberry

This tiny fruit is very rich in vitamin C and have flavones and anthocyanins that help fight cancer, aging, inflammation, and blood related diseases like jaundice. You may eat the fruit directly as included in your daily meals or you can drink juice extracts that are bought commercially.

5. Lemon

This citrus fruit contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps treat bile ducts problems which could cause jaundice. This is also considered as one of the most effective natural cure for jaundice. Simply squeeze 2 pieces of lemons put the extracts and some of the peelings in a glass of water. Aside from cleaning your stomach, lemon juice protects liver from damage.

6. Barley

Barley juice can be bought commercially but if you wish to make your own barley infused drink, you can simply boil cup of barley into three liters of water. Just let it simmer for about three hours and you can start consuming it within the day.

7. Almonds

To make an effective solution for jaundice using almonds, simply add 8 pieces of almonds in a cup of water together with some dates and cardamoms. Soak all these overnight. Remove skins of the almonds in the morning after and add some butter and sugar then consume the mixture several times daily.

8. Turmeric

This spice has so many uses and these include the treatment for jaundice. To use turmeric, simply add a pinch of this spice to a cup of warm water. Mix thoroughly making sure that the powder is completely dissolved in the water. You can also use turmeric tea that can be bought from the supermarket.
Turmeric compounds are known to have anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

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9. Radish Leaves

Mash some leaves of radish and extract its juice using a piece of clean fabric. Once extracted gather the juice and store it in a clean container. This extracted juice can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. Drink the juice daily for about 10 to 12 days. Adding some mashed basil leaves on the juice can also provide extra treatment for jaundice.

10. Chamomile

Drinking a cup of chamomile tea helps relieve the symptoms of jaundice. This tea has to be taken at least once a day for several weeks. This can also be done together with other natural remedies for jaundice. Chamomile helps is relaxing and improving the functions of the liver.

11. Dandelion

This herbal remedy improves the liver and the digestive functions. It can be consumed by adding it in your salad or vegetable meal. There are also available dandelion tea and capsule forms in the market. Dandelion can also help treat infant jaundice by having the mother drink dandelion root tea which will pass on to the baby through breastfeeding.

12. Sugarcane

Sugarcane or sugar cane, contains properties that helps in proper digestion and promotes proper functions of the liver. This helps a person with jaundice to recover faster. Drinking sugarcane juice with some lime extracts in a glass of water twice daily greatly helps improve the condition. Make sure to properly clean the sugarcane before juicing it so that no contaminants will mix on your drink that may cause diarrhea.

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