Leg Pains

Leg pains can occur in the different parts of your legs. It could be a common discomfort, dull aches, or the pain could even be compared to a stabbing sensation. The common cause of leg pains is due to the overuse of your legs or because of certain injuries. Some symptoms of leg pains are light and are usually short term which can be treated by simple home remedies.

However, some leg pains can be a symptom of an underlying condition. These are normally long term and a repeating case that need immediate attention. A diagnosis from an expert health provider is necessary to know what the cause is so that proper medication can be given.


Some causes of leg pains that are temporary include:

• Cramps
This is a minor condition in the muscle that is caused by dehydration and fatigue. This is very common in the calf area when the leg muscles contract and triggers sharp pains. As the muscles tighten it could sometimes form some hard lumps underneath the skin and some swelling might also become apparent.

• Leg injuries
Muscle strain – when muscle fibers in the legs tear up due to overstretching
Tendinitis – inflammation of the cords that connects the muscles to the bones (tendons)
Knee bursitis – inflammation of the fluid sacs (bursa) that surrounds the knee joint
Shin splints – overuse of legs that may cause the shinbone muscles to tear

Some causes are caused by certain health conditions including:

• Atherosclerosis
When fat and bad cholesterol buildup, it could block the arteries that bring oxygen throughout the body because it could narrow and harden over time. This relates to leg pain particularly when the tissues in the legs aren’t receiving adequate supply of oxygen.

• Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
This is the swelling and pains on the lower leg area that is normally caused by prolonged period of bed rest. This happens when blood clot is formed in the veins.

• Arthritis
When the joints in the knees and hips are inflamed it may cause swelling and pain.

Varicose veins
These are the veins with incompetent valves that have been enlarged because of the overfilling of blood. These are usually present in the calves and ankles which can be painful and swollen.

• Gout
This is a type of arthritis caused by over production of uric acid in the body. It sometimes occurs in the legs making it swell and become painful.

If the above mentioned causes are not the reasons for your leg pains, it would be best to consult an expert to diagnose early signs of serious diseases and that proper treatment could be done to prevent any complications in your body.


The type of pain varies on the cause of your leg pain, leg fatigue symptoms are:

• Mild pain
• Feeling tired and restless
• Mild spasm
Symptoms caused by health conditions include:
• Numbness
• Stabbing sensation
• Inability to walk properly due to pain
• Severe spasm
• Weakness on the upper and lower leg area


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Home Remedies You Can Use and Apply to Treat Leg Pains

1. Leg Massage

A simple leg massage can do the trick especially for those with tired legs. Massage strokes improves the circulation of the blood and it also helps relax muscles and promotes fast recovery from injuries.

Massaging your legs with some healing oil like menthol or eucalyptus can reduce the pain on your legs. You can also try to apply olive oil or coconut oil on the inflamed leg area.

2. Epsom Salt

Soaking your feet and legs in warm water with Epsom salt solution can help relax your legs and relieve the pain and tension. The magnesium contained in Epsom salt has very useful electrolytes that regulate the nerve signals in the body. Make sure that the salt is fully dissolved in warm water and that you soak your feet on it for at least 15 minutes. Repeat this remedy at least twice a week.

3. Tart Cherry

A cup of tart cherry juice or eating fresh tart cherries can help relieve leg pains caused by muscle sores due to tiring physical activities. Tart cherries contain anti-inflammatory compounds that can treat your leg condition. Tart cherries may cause mild stomach discomfort or diarrhea so make sure that you don’t go beyond the recommended dosage.

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4. Apple Cider Vinegar

There are two ways to use apple cider vinegar in treating leg pains. The first one is by making a warm bath solution with a cup or two of apple cider vinegar and soaking your feet and legs on it for 30 minutes once every day for several days. The other method is to drink a glass of warm water with 2 tablespoons of the vinegar, add some honey and drink at least twice a day.

This home remedy is good for leg pains caused by arthritis or gout. Apple cider vinegar is known for its alkalizing effect that works to melt crystallized uric acid in the blood. It also provides essential nutrients that help in promoting healthy joints and tissues.

5. Applying cold compress

This is the most common method to alleviate leg pains and it does work especially if the pain is brought by strenuous physical activities or a mild injury. Cold compress when applied on the affected area helps ease the numbness and controls the leg from inflammation and swelling.

You can create your own cold compress by wrapping some iced cubes on a clean piece of cloth and directly placing it on the affected part. You can rub it as well to add a soothing motion. Do this as often as needed.

6. Turmeric

This spice contains anti-inflammatory compounds and is rich in anti-oxidants. Make a paste by simply mixing a teaspoon of turmeric powder with sesame oil. Apply some paste and rub it gently on the affected legs and wait for about 30 minutes before wiping it clean or rinsing it off. You can also drink a glass of milk mixed with turmeric powder once a day. For those who are taking blood-thinning medications, it would be best to ask your doctor if consuming turmeric is advisable.

7. Lemon

This citrus fruit can help maintain the pH balance in our body which helps in combatting fats and bad cholesterol from building up. When this buildup is not controlled it will block the arteries from transporting oxygen in our body including our legs. Lemon juice with some honey in a cup of warm water when drink at least twice a day can help prevent leg pains from taking place and helps you achieve a healthier body.


8. Potassium-rich diet

Potassium is one of the essential nutrients needed by our body to gain healthy joints and muscles. Lack of potassium in our body could contribute to joint diseases and leg pains. Eating sweet potato, banana, raisins, plums, drinking prune juice and tomato juice will give you the potassium you need to keep your joints healthy and avoid leg pains.

9. Ginger

This spice is known to have many health benefits and one of these is to relieve muscle pains. Ginger contains compounds that combats inflammation and improves blood flow and blood circulation. By drinking a cup of ginger infused tea twice or thrice daily, great results to reduce pain will be felt. You can also use ginger oil by massaging it gently to your aching legs. Make sure not to drink more than what is advisable because overdose of this can make your blood thinner.

10. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is achieved better when you expose yourself to the heat of the sun during early morning for around 10 to 15 minutes. The heat of the sun helps your body to produce this important vitamin. Lack of vitamin D in the body makes you prone to common body pains like back ache and leg pains.

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