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Our liver plays a very important role in keeping our body healthy, thus appropriate liver care is a must. The liver is the biggest gland found in the human body. It is one of the major parts that complete our excretory system together with our kidneys, bile, intestines, skin, and eccrine. The weight of the liver of an average-sized adult is about 3 lbs.

Our liver is located above the abdominal cavity (upper right) under our diaphragm right beside the stomach. It is composed of four lobes that receive more than a quart of blood every single minute through our portal veins and hepatic artery. It produces a substance that helps in digesting fats and this substance is called the bile. The salts in the bile break the fats into tiny pieces that are easily absorbed by the small intestines.


Aside from the important function of producing bile, the liver also helps our body in the following aspects:

• Blood detoxification to clean it from toxic elements such as drugs and alcohol
• Serves as storage of sugar glucose
• Serves as storage of some important vitamins and iron
• When the level of glucose in our body falls down the required level, our liver helps in converting some of the stored sugar to functional sugar to compensate for the low glucose level
• Helps in the breakdown of hemoglobin, insulin, as well as other hormones
• Helps our metabolism by converting ammonia to urea
• Gets rid of old red blood cells

Human Liver Anatomy Illustration. 3D render for liver care


Here are some of the symptoms that indicate poor liver health:
• Jaundice or the yellowing of the skin and eyes
• Dark-colored urine and pale-colored stool
• Itchiness all throughout the body
• Pain and swelling of the abdominal area
• Loss of appetite
• Weight loss
• Nausea
• Fatigue and stress


There are several reasons why people suffer from liver problems and here are some of the most common factors:
• Infection from parasites and viruses
– Hepatitis A
– Hepatitis B
– Hepatitis C
• Abnormality in the immune system
• Abnormality of the genes
• Cancer and tumor growth
– Liver cancer
– Bile duct cancer
– Liver adenoma
Alcohol abuse
• Excess fats in the liver
Other possible causes are:
• Tattoos and body piercings
• Using shared needles when injecting drugs
• Unprotected sex
• Blood transfusion
• Diabetes

Home Remedies for Proper Liver Care

Here are some of the best home remedies to keep your liver healthy. So before you decide to stay on a liver maintenance medication that may be too costly, why not try these home remedies first and see for yourself the great benefits not only for your liver but also for your whole well-being

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1. Green Tea

Green tea is a well-known cleansing drink that is full of antioxidants. These anti-oxidative compounds are called catechins which are excellent in helping the liver to function well. Not only that green tea is delicious and good for liver care but it also has many health benefits for your body.

Note: Drinking green tea is recommended than consuming green tea extract in its pure form.

2. Avocado

One of the compounds in our body that helps in cleansing the liver from harmful toxins is the glutathione. We all know that we can buy expensive glutathione pills or capsules from drugstores but do you know that by eating avocado our body can produce this compound? Also, avocado is rich in fiber which helps in cleansing our excretory organs.

3. Grapefruit

This citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C and it also contains antioxidants. By consuming grapefruit, your body increases its function to cleanse your liver the natural way because it helps boost the enzymes in the liver that detoxifies wastes and gets rid of toxins and carcinogenic compounds.

Grapefruits with leaves on a wooden table.

4. Garlic

This herb helps your liver to activate its natural enzymes that helps your body to flush out toxins and chemicals. The allicin and selenium found in garlic are two primary compounds that helps in liver care because it cleans and maintains a healthy liver.

5. Apples

Eating apples or drinking pure apple juice is excellent liver care maintenance. Apple is high in pectin which helps in liver cleansing and cleaning of the digestive tract.

6. Beets and carrots

These vitamin-rich vegetables have high content of flavonoids and beta-carotene. Consuming these vegetables could stimulate the functions of your liver and improve its health.

Fresh organic carrots and beetroot on old wooden board

7. Olive oil

Olive oil and other organic oils like flax seed oil is good in helping the liver in a way that it reduces some of the harmful toxins absorbed by the liver. The lipids that olive oil provides absorb some of these toxins so that the liver doesn’t have to overload with these chemicals. Just make sure to consume olive oil in moderation.

8. Lemon

Lemon juice is popular when it comes to cleansing and detoxification because the high amounts of vitamin C found in this citrus fruit helps the body to synthesize harmful toxic materials into substances that can be absorbed by the water and easily flush it out in our system. Drinking fresh lemon or lime juice is best to do in the morning before you start your day. Doing so will also stimulate your liver.

9. Walnuts

Munching on some walnuts for snack is healthy. Walnut contains high amounts of arginine, a type of amino acids that helps the liver to detoxify ammonia. Furthermore, walnuts contain glutathione and the healthy omega-3 fatty acids which are also essential compounds in liver cleansing. Just make sure to chew walnuts properly to make sure your body digests it properly and absorbs the oil and compounds better.

Liver Cirrhosis

Walnuts on a wooden table in retro style.

10. Carom and cumin seeds

Carom and cumin seeds help in treating Hepatitis which is a form of serious liver disease. Simply combine 1 teaspoon of carom and 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds. Dry roast this combination on a frying pan without any oil. Ground the roasted seeds to make a powdered form then add a pinch of salt. You can consume it directly or dissolve in water. Take this home remedy twice a day for better results.

11. Milk thistle

This flowering herbal plant is one of the best natural remedy for liver care. It is also used to help treat cirrhosis which is one of the most common liver diseases that affects the liver function by replacing healthy tissues with damaged ones.

To use milk thistle as remedy, simply crush milk thistle seeds and place it in a cup. Pour in hot water and allow it to dissolve for about 30 minutes. Drink one cup a day and experience great results for your liver.

12. Papaya seeds

The seeds of the papaya fruit are beneficial for liver care. Dry papaya seeds first so you can easily ground it. The taste of it is somewhat similar to the taste of black pepper and it can sometimes be even used as substitute for this spice. Consuming about 5 pieces to a teaspoon of ground papaya seeds can improve liver function as well as your digestive and overall health.

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