An abnormal discharge from female genitals accompanied by irritation and inflammation is known as Vaginitis or Leucorrhoea. The condition can last for a month or at least several weeks before affecting the female reproductive organs.

Vaginitis is generally experienced during puberty, at the time when sexual organs are developing in a female. It can be irritating and cause harmful effects if left untreated.


These are some of the symptoms of Vaginitis:

  • Discharge (dirty white, yellowish or greenish)
  • Pain in the cervical region or Irritation
  • Constipation
  • Irritability and headaches
  • Indigestion
  • Fatigue
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Stomach ache



Vaginitis (leucorrhoea) is caused by a number of factors. Some causes are listed below:

  • Toxins in the body
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Unhygienic practices
  • Consumption of fried or spicy foods or
  • Excessive intake of carbohydrates
  • Wounds caused by itching
  • Anemia
  • Hormonal disturbances
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Diabetes

14 Natural Remedies for Curing Vaginitis

If the symptoms are severe, consult your doctor who will examine you for probing into any major complications. However, most cases of Vaginitis are treated by a few natural methods that cause no harmful effects on the reproductive system.

Here are a few of these home remedies for curing Vaginitis:

1. Oregano Oil

Potent oil with antifungal qualities, Oregano oil is one of the best natural remedies for curing vaginitis, caused due to yeast infection, which is a fungal infection. Consume oregano oil twice a day (500 mg per dose). Continue until the infection is completely healed and you feel better as the itching and burning sensation begins to subside.

2. Fenugreek Seeds

Not many people know the many benefits of fenugreek seeds. Not only are they good for your skin and hair, they also treat vaginitis. Add fenugreek seeds to water and let it simmer over a moderate flame for half an hour. Use the strained liquid as a douche. You can also boil fenugreek seeds in water and drink it as a tea for curing the condition.

3. Garlic

Garlic is a tremendous immunity booster and aids in strengthening our body to combat infections. Garlic has antibacterial and antiseptic traits and it is often used for destroying vaginal bacteria. Taking garlic supplements of 300 mg each day cures almost all types of vaginitis in a few days.

You can also chew 2 to 4 cloves, if you can bear the odor. They can be used for external application as well. Form a paste by crushing a few cloves of garlic and apply it inside the vagina. It destroys all germs that are making your vagina itchy and sensitive.


Peeled garlic in bowl

4. Betel Nut

Another effective home remedy for vaginitis is betel nut. Take a few betel nuts and chew them after every meal. You can also take some rose petals and crush them with a few betel nuts. Add some sugar and drink it up. This will cure and prevent vaginitis in the future. This mixture can also be used as a douche.

5.  Yogurt

Yogurt can be a great agent for killing bacterial infections, such as vaginitis. It invades the stomach and disinfects it by destroying bacteria in large numbers and promotes the growth of good bacteria. Yogurt can also be applied inside the vagina for getting rid of any bacterial activity inside the vaginal canal. Include a couple of cups in your daily diet and use it as an application for relief.

6. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is also another popular remedy for curing more common bacterial infections, such as UTI.  Highly acidic in nature, this juice helps in making the vagina acidic that thwarts the multiplication of bacteria as they cannot thrive in acidic environments. Consuming one glass of cranberry juice every day guarantees your body gets rid of bacterial infections, like vaginitis.

7. Chamomile Teabags

The healing qualities of chamomile relieve vaginal inflammation by external application. Soak a Chamomile teabag in a glass of hot water. Let it sit inside the glass for a couple of minutes. After it cools, apply the teabag inside the vagina and squeeze it so the water goes inside and works its herbal action for treating vaginitis. Use this natural remedy for a couple of weeks to relieve inflammation and you will be back to your usual self.

8. Vitamin E

Foods, such as collards, spinach, kiwi, avocado, and broccoli, contain Vitamin E. It also helps to relieve the symptoms of vaginitis. Women who do not get adequate amounts of Vitamin E should use supplements for 100 IU a day. Like all supplements, ask your doctor before consuming it.

9. Folate

A high intake of folate not only reduces the risk of several cancers and heart diseases, it is also researched that females who have low folate levels are more likely to develop bacterial vaginitis. Good sources of folic acid include lentils, peas, nuts, avocados, and green vegetables.

10. Echinacea

This is an immune booster that greatly helps in combating infections effectively. Using Echinacea for treating infections is a popular natural remedy. For treating severe vaginal infections, it should be consumed four times a day in 500 mg doses. Consult your doctor to know how much you should use.


11. Boric Acid

Boric acid also puts an end to the symptoms caused by vaginitis.  A dose of 600 mg should be taken for a week as it is one of the best cures for vaginitis. Women suffering from chronic vaginitis may have to use the treatment for a month so the infection is completely healed.

12. Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a crucial part in strengthening the immune system and protects us from infections and diseases. A daily intake of 1000 mg of vitamin C ensures you get rid of vaginitis. Vitamin C speeds up your recovery process and must be used as an addition to some other remedy for curing vaginitis.

13. Cold Compress

As mentioned before, vaginitis causes inflammation. A cold compress has been a tested home remedy to cure swelling and it helps relieve swelling near the pelvic area too. You can apply an ice cube directly on the vagina or you can wrap it in a piece of cloth, if you feel direct application is too cold. The numbing sensation will instantly relieve inflammation, pain and also itching. This is often a temporary way to ease the symptoms of vaginitis.

14. Milk and Turmeric

Turmeric is known for its antibacterial properties. This is why it helps cure the condition along with several other infections. Mix turmeric in milk and consume it twice a day for treating vaginitis.

Other Natural Ways for Treating and Preventing Bacterial Vaginitis

Bacteria vaginitis can be prevented by adopting a few hygienic practices:

  • Avoid using hot tubs or scented tampons or pads.
  • Avoid douching as bathing is enough for cleansing the vaginal area. Douching disturbs the natural bacterial balance in the vagina. Vaginitis is actually caused bya change in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria and that explains why douching increases the risk of vaginal infections.
  • Do not consume excess of alcohol. Too much smoking also causes a number of infections, such as vaginitis.

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