Warts are harmless skin growths that are generally caused by viruses. Most of these come from the human papillomavirus (HPV), infecting the top layer of your skin. It causes the skin to grow rapidly and as a result, a wart is formed. Generally, warts appear on hands, fingers, feet and other parts of our body and are rough to touch. They may be recognized by these symptoms.


• Grainy and fleshy skin bumps
• Pink, white or flesh-colored appearance
• Clotted blood vessels appearing as sprinkled black pinpoints

Wart on the hand


More than 100 types of human papillomavirus exist. However, merely a few lead to the formation of warts on the hands. You might get warts on other areas of the mucous membranes and the skin. You can get a wart if you damage or cut your skin in any way and then come into contact with someone who has a wart. You can also get the virus indirectly by touching belongings that another person’s wart touched, especially when sharing personal care items, such as razors and towels.

The virus generally spreads through breaks in the skin, such as a scrape or a hangnail. Biting your nails also can form warts on your fingertips or area around your nails. It should be noted that every person’s immune system has a different response to HPV. So, not everybody who comes in contact with HPV will develop warts.

Natural Remedies for Treating Warts

A few natural remedies for wart removal do not require expensive ingredients or drugs. Home remedies yield long-term results for removing warts. However, you have to be patient enough to get the outcome. As the virus may remain in the body even after a wart has been removed, it is best to strengthen your immune system for activating it again and preventing a wart outbreak.

Here are some natural remedies for curing warts:

1. Lemons

Anti-bacterial and acidic, lemons balance the pH level of the skin. They efficiently break down the wart’s walls as well as destroy the virus that causes it. Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a bowl. Apply the juice every night directly on the wart using a cotton ball and rinse it in the morning.


2. Aspirin

Aspirin can be used similar to a vitamin C supplement. Add a little water to crushed aspirin and apply the paste to the wart. Leave it overnight and repeat the remedy until the wart goes away.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E tablets should be crushed and mixed with water for making a thick paste. After application, cover the wart with a bandage. This will cure the wart but prevent damage to the skin around the wart.


Vitamin E

4. Dandelion

Dandelion is a useful natural method for removing warts. Make sure you choose dandelions which are turning yellow. Apply the milk of the flower on your warts. You can also use the stem of a dandelion by breaking it to squeeze some liquid out. Apply it on the wart and wrap it using a bandage. This remedy can be repeated twice a day and your wart will gradually dissolve completely.

5. Baking Powder

Make a paste of castor oil and baking powder and apply it every night to your wart. Cover with a bandage and follow this home remedy every day until the wart goes away.

6. Tea Tree Oil

Apply tea tree oil directly on the wart. Cover it and leave it overnight. Do this daily by mixing clove or Frankincense oils for enhanced effect.

7. Garlic

Garlic is popular for its cleansing and medicinal value. It dissolves cholesterol plaques and clears up your blood vessels. Being a good antiviral agent, it treats warts effectively as they are also caused by a virus. Make a thick paste from peeled garlic cloves and add one teaspoon of melted butter/lard and a few drops of cider vinegar. Use this mixture on the wart for overnight application. Fix it with an adhesive plaster and a bandage.

Peeled garlic in bowl

8. Castor Oil

Castor oil is another effective natural remedy for wart removal. The oil offers several medicinal benefits and has positive effects on skin and subcutaneous tissue, particularly for wart removal. Rub it every morning on the warts for around 10 minutes. You can also use this remedy in the evening for additional effect.

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is popular for the many benefits it offers for your skin and hair. If you use it directly from the plant, it provides miraculous effects. Use the Aloe Vera gel by breaking off a leaf and then rubbing it on the wart. Aloe Vera contains malic acid, which is effective at treating warts. Cover the wart after each application.

Aloe Vera on white plate.

10. Potatoes

Grate a crude potato after washing it thoroughly. Use this slurry for making compresses to treat your wart with polyethylene or a compress paper. This potato compress works best when it is left overnight. This natural remedy will remove your wart within three to four weeks.

11. Honey

The strong antiviral and antibacterial properties of honey combat the viruses that lead to warts and also prevent them from emerging in future. For treating big warts, honey is a good home remedy. Before applying a thick layer of honey over the wart, it is better to file the wart a bit. Cover it using a clean cloth or bandage. Wrap it for 24 hours. Give it some rest and reapply honey with a new bandage.


12. Banana Peel

Eating bananas is good for strengthening your immune system to keep viruses at bay. Moreover, there are several chemicals, antioxidants and oils in the banana peel that dissolve warts. Take a piece of green banana peel and cover the wart by placing it inside down on it. You can tape it using a bandage for leaving it overnight. Wash in the morning after removing the bandage. Rub the inside of a peel repeatedly on the wart for quick results.

Raw Organic Bunch of Bananas

13. A Healthy Diet

Warts are caused by a virus. Therefore, one of the best natural ways to prevent them to form is by boosting the body’s ability to fight infections and viruses. It is likely that people complain of warts and see them appearing when they are unwell, tired or drained out. To prevent warts, make sure you are getting adequate sleep. A nutritional diet along with a regular exercise regime boosts the immune system. Include leafy vegetables, fruits and some potent immune booster supplements, like Zinc and Vitamin C.

Eat more whole-grain bread, broccoli, garlic, oranges, tomatoes, red meats, sunflower seeds, scallions and onions to reinforce immunity. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as sweet potatoes, spinach, cucumbers, parsley and Brussels sprouts are good defenders against infections and viruses.


The abovementioned home remedies are tested and safe for natural wart removal. However, it is worth mentioning that in severe cases, home remedies may be not as effective as they are for treating ordinary warts. If the warts are there even after continual use, consult your doctor to learn more about how you can remove them.

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