8 Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin

A flawless glowing skin turns heads anywhere anytime. But is a spotless skin too much to ask for? Well, if your blemished, wrinkled skin is a cause for concern, there is no need to fret about it as you still have hope. You longer need to worry about those fine lines and wrinkles, but only focus on natural recipes for beautiful skin to tackle skincare issues. The skin care basics of cleansing, moisturizing, and toning are the best natural, non-invasive tips for a beautiful you. Your skin needs a little bit of regular pampering to retain its natural beauty. There is nothing like overnight skin miracle.

Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin

Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin: Avoid Chemicals

Instead of clamoring for artificial, commercially produced beauty products, you should aim for natural skin remedies that are devoid of harmful ingredients, preservatives, artificial colors, toxins, and stabilizers. The focus should be to hydrate the skin.

A must for anti-aging, hydration helps keep your skin moisturized. You may be surprised to know that moisture helps fill wrinkles temporarily, makes your skin look silky smooth, and improves the skin color and tone.

Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin: Avocado Face Pack

A face pack made from avocado and honey can unlock the fresh layer of skin underneath. Mixed with fresh cream, this avocado face pack is your answer to a youthful and dewy skin.

Remember, a moisturizer is a must for an anti-aging regimen, which makes your skin complexion look smooth.

Whisk together 1 tablespoon of honey, 3 tbsp of fresh cream, and 1/4th avocado into a smooth cream. Apply the cream and wash after one hour to reveal a glowing skin.

Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin: Overcome Acne

The thought of a pimpled face can give you goosebumps. When these pimples and acne scars actually appear on your face, you want to get rid of them in a whisker. Well, if you have facial blemishes that need to disappear and do not wish to try chemical treatments, you may want to go for a natural remedy for skin care.

Get your hands on Brewer’s yeast and make a face pack using water and lemon juice. Leave your face covered with this paste, leaving eyes and lips, for 10 minutes. The application of yeast paste helps fight bacteria while lime juice, being antioxidant and rich in flavonoids, helps lighten the blemish.

Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin: The Basil Juice

Did you know basil is one of the best skin care remedies available? The best way to make the best of basil is to use it as a facial toner. Say goodbye to chemical toners when you can squeeze out juice from basil leaves and apply it all over your face.


Basil helps in cell regeneration, thus improving the growth of skin cells. Your skin will appear fresh, soft, blemish-free, and supple every time you apply it as a toner.

If you have dried basil leaves handy, all you need to do is to crush them and add the powder to a cup of hot water. When the concoction cools down, strain and fill up a spray bottle. With its antiseptic properties, the basil recipe works magic for acne-prone skin, helping open up clogged pores.

Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin: Hand Care

Wrinkled hands tell a lot about your age. Exfoliation can help remove the dead layer of skin cells on your hands. This homemade scrub with cooked rice, lime juice, and agave nectar or honey is your answer to your aging hands. Rice helps in exfoliation while lemon works magic on the skin color and tone, lifting off dead skin. Agave nectar is a skin-friendly product that hydrates your skin.

Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice with an equal amount of agave nectar. Stir this mixture in half-cup cooked rice and blend well.

The mixture is ready for application on dry hands. Use it as a scrub to exfoliate the skin on your hands in circular motions with firm yet gentle pressure. The scrub can be used to soften calluses on the palms of your hands.

Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin: Homemade Scrub

Ditch the chemical peels and facial scrubs forever and make a skin care remedy at home with easily available ingredients on your shelf.

The natural recipe for beautiful skin requires white and brown sugar, cream, almonds, and olive oil. This makes an ultimate exfoliating scrub to eliminate the signs of aging, improve dull complexion, and restore the skin luster. Sugar and almond powder work as great exfoliating agents while olive oil can smoothen out your skin tone and produce a brighter skin working in tandem with cream.

Natural Recipe for Beautiful Skin: How To Make Your Lips Plump

Chapped lips can make a big dent in your overall personality. There is a simple, natural remedy to moisturize your dry lips. Did you know ground coffee is a magical lip exfoliator? A combination of coffee powder and kosher salt works as a natural moisturizer, removing dry, dead, and clapped skin and making them look plump, fuller, and healthy.

DIY Natural Face Mask for Acne-Free Skin

Natural Recipes for Beautiful Skin: Hair Health

You cannot ignore your hair health if you want to turn heads. Your dry, brittle, and weak locks say a lot about your hair health. A diet rich in vitamin E, proteins, and iron is essential for a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Now you can make your own hair mask with just three ingredients that are easily available in your kitchens. A hair pack with mashed avocado, egg yolk, and honey provides deep nourishment for hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly after massaging the mask onto damp, clean hair.

Ditch the chemical conditioners and you can make one at home easily with a dollop of mayonnaise, coconut milk, and coconut oil. The home remedy can work wonders on your hair, helping keep your locks hydrated, smooth, and shiny.

With these natural recipes for beautiful skin, you can turn the clock back in time and keep your skin supple, smooth, and glowing.

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