What Eight Hours of Sleep Can Do To Your Mind and Body

For most people, night time is probably the best part of the day because it is the time to relax, be laid back and prepare for a much needed eight hours of sleep. However, for some people, getting enough sleeping hours is an issue due to various reasons such as work and family duties. Unfortunately for people without proper amount of daily shut eye, health issues are at a high risk of developing.

Eight hours of sleep a day is one of the most important things you can do to your body. In fact, sleep is as important as having a balanced diet or exercising at a regular basis. Studies reveal that proper amount of sleep provides wonderful things to both body and mind as well as overall health.

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1. Controls Unwanted Weight Gain

Some people still believes in the wrong idea that getting less sleep will eventually help in losing weight. In fact, poor sleeping patterns result to unwanted weight gain. Furthermore, lack of sleep is closely associated with obesity. Scientific studies revealed that both children and adult that are sleep deprived have higher tendency to become overweight compared to those who have 8 hours of daily sleep. One of the most common factors that relate poor sleep to obesity is hormonal issues.

2. Improves Brain Function

Proper sleep increases the brain’s cognitive functions. In addition, people who sleep for a complete 8 hours are able to show better concentration and focus compared to those who sleep for shorter time. Furthermore, healthy sleeping patterns especially with children promote better brain memory and improve problem solving skills.

3. Promotes Athletic Performance

Proper sleep is one of the most crucial factors in effective training especially for athletes. Recent studies revealed that healthy sleeping pattern improves speed, strength, reaction time, physical stamina and mental strength. On the other hand, insufficient sleep resulted to decreased physical abilities and difficulty to finish various tasks and activities. In older people, less sleep resulted to slower walking and lesser stamina during exercises.

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4. Minimizes the Risk of Diabetes

People who do not get enough sleep are more at risk to developing diabetes. Poor sleeping patterns provide negative effects to blood sugar and reduce the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Men who only get 4 to 6 hours of daily sleep are more likely to show various symptoms of pre-diabetes. In addition, people, regardless of gender, who only sleep for a maximum of 6 hours per day are more susceptible in developing type 2 diabetes.

Health studies confirmed that inadequate sleep is highly connected with type 2 diabetes, and healthy adults that sleep for only 6 hours per day are likely to develop diabetes symptoms in as early as 7 days.

5. Prevents Depression

Poor sleeping habits and sleeping disorders are connected with depression and other mental issues. 90% of people suffering from any form of mental disorder and depression complain of inability to get long and consistent sleep time. In addition, people with insomnia and sleep apnea are often the ones suffering from mental disorders and depressions. In fact, poor sleep is commonly associated with suicidal tendencies.

Eight of hours of daily sleep not only strengthens the body, it also refreshes the mind and helps cure depression and other forms of mental issues.

6. Strengthens the Immune System

Proper amount of daily sleep strengthens the body’s defense against common sicknesses such as cold, cough and fever. Furthermore, adequate sleep allows the body to rest and recover especially after being sick or doing tiring activities. When the body is fully rested, it becomes more effective in fighting off virus, germs, and bacteria that may cause numerous health issues.

Health studies reveal that even one day of having less than 8 hours of sleep can instantly make our body more susceptible in catching various sicknesses such as cough and cold. For people suffering from simple cough or common cold, 8 hours of sleep for consecutive days is usually enough to get back in healthy shape.

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7. Promotes Social Interaction

Proper sleeping hours give you more energy to interact and participate in activities with other people. In addition, eight hours of sleep makes your mind more attentive and increases ability to have meaningful conversation with workmates, friends and families. On the other hand, poor quality of sleep lessens the energy and ability to have social interaction. Chances are, your ability to converse meaningfully will also decrease as your brain becomes less focused and inattentive without proper sleep.

Furthermore, people who are constantly subjected to sleep deprivation are more likely to be less interested in attending social gatherings compared to those who have proper sleeping pattern. People with less sleep also experiences inability to recognize certain emotions like anger and happiness.

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