Why You Must Eat Brown Rice Instead of White Rice

Rice is grown all over the world and considered as a staple food for many countries. There are many types of rice including white, sticky, black and long grain, but brown rice is a whole grain food that has one of the lowest calorie content. Compared to white rice, it is more nutritious due to the fact that it is prepared with the bran and hull around the kernel still intact. Most of the healthy properties that rice contains are in bran and hull parts.

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Health Benefits of Brown Rice

1. High Magnesium Content

Brown rice is rich with magnesium, which makes it a must have especially for people with heart issues. According to studies, magnesium is vital in maintaining proper high blood pressure and preventing risks of various heart issues. As a result, consuming whole grain food items such a brown rice is recommended for adult people.

Furthermore, magnesium is also beneficial for menopaused women with cardiovascular conditions. Eating brown for at least six times a week effectively reduces high blood pressure.

2. Improves Fat Digestion and Weight loss

Brown rice has gained popularity especially for people wanting to lose weight. Brown rice is loaded with manganese, a potent mineral that aids in faster digestion of stored fats. Aside from manganese, another healthy ingredient in brown rice is fiber. A cup of brown rice gives 3.5 grams of fiber, which is enough to promote better digestion and maintain healthy bowel movement.

Clearly, all these healthy ingredients help in the healthy way of shedding weight without the unwanted side effects of chemically based slimming pills and tablets.

3. Energy

If you want to get instant energy, brown rice is the perfect food. The high level of manganese found in brown rice promotes more efficient conversion of carbohydrase and calories to energy. This is the reason why athletes and health enthusiasts prefer brown rice over the white variety.

In addition, brown rice is loaded with protein, which is also converted to energy. Unlike refined grains that have 25% less protein content, whole grain brown rice provides more vital nutrients that make the body healthier and stronger.

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Lastly, brown rice is packed with slow release carbohydrates, which help in maintaining a constant supply of energy that can last longer compared to carbohydrates found in other rice varieties.

4. Lower Cholesterol level

Regular consumption of brown rice has been linked with lowered cholesterol levels. An experiment conducted with people suffering from LDL or high cholesterol levels showed that the oil in brown rice effectively lowered bad cholesterol. In addition, brown rice’s high level fiber content is also connected with maintaining proper cholesterol level. Fiber is known to greatly aid in digestion, and when proper digestion is attained, the liver can effectively filter out cholesterol from the blood.

5. Can Prevent Cancer

Brown rice’s potential as a cancer cure is linked with its high manganese content. Manganese is a proven fighter of free radicals and other cancer causing elements. In addition, brown rice contains phenolic compounds that minimize the risks of developing cancer. Among all the variety of rice, brown rice has been proven to have the highest amount of these healthy compounds.

Brown rice is being tested as a cure for various cancer types – colon, prostrate and breast. Selenium, which can potetantillay reduce the risks of colon and prostate cancers, is abundant in brown rice. It is recommended to consume a cup of brown rice daily to get the needed 35% percent daily recommended intake of selenium. When daily recommended amount is consumed, the repair of damaged and cancer cells is optimized while keeping new cells healthy. Lastly, selenium also promotes antibacterial properties, thus minimizing the risk of developing cancer.

Also, high levels of fiber in brown rice can potentially prevent colon and breast canners. Women who regularly consumed brown rice have been proven to get better protection against cancer compared to those who opted for other rice varieties.


6. Diabetes

A study proved that brown rice effectively minimizes risks of diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. When people suffering from diabetes started to consume brown rice, their glucose levels were lowered by at least 35 percent.

7. Better Anti-oxidant properties

To get better antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, most of us indulge in healthy diet of fruits and vegetable instead of rice. But fact is, brown rice is also loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that equal the healthy benefits of fruits and vegetables. Anti-oxidants are extremely crucial in treating various health issues ranging from arthritis, asthma and obesity.

In addition, brown rice’s anti-inflammatory effects are effective when dealing with various types of infections such as respiratory and skin infections.

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